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Unearthing the Power of Emotion

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

As the #pendulum swings in life circumstances, one’s #EmotionalAwareness expands. Challenges perceived turn our senses on or off, which can perpetuate the experience of power and #powerlessness, of fluidity and #inertia. The architectural design of the #bridge, between one’s mind and heart, is influenced consistently by their responses to life circumstances. Maintaining a focus on #protecting, refining, or #rebuilding this bridge is essential in times of #conflict, hardship, loss, and the looming #unknown. By honoring the deep #contemplation that comes with inertia and cultivating #decisiveness in the trade-offs of how an experience is serving us, one can restore the flow of informative understanding that is balanced by the bridge that spans the vast differences of the #HeartAndMind. Emotions can be dulled by the mind through objectivity or become overwhelming when given full immersion in subjectivity. Emotions can be exacerbated or held hostage by our thoughts and beliefs or inform us of a deeper #truth in oneself that has been covered up by rationale. Unearthing this deeper truth kept sacred by the heart will always be essential to reaching the experience of closure, resolve, and fulfillment.

People are wired with different #biases from their experiences through imprinting in childhood and family constructs, personal exploration of identity apart from involuntary acceptance of #belief or #validation by others, and through the pursuit of knowledge that one has the power to perceive through cultivating the attributes of #SensoryAwareness. Throughout the formative process of self-identity in this current state of human evolution, a focus on the mind and its #power to #control, regulate, and create is primary. Many of our practices of #SelfDevelopment require a demanding curriculum of mental marathons, in today’s societies. Yet, some of the oldest societies on earth echo the teaching of quieting the mind and #reconnecting the body wisdom and/or the heart’s intuition. Many practices in religion and spirituality carry these old teachings as well. These practices may or may not be inherently spiritual. The semantics of language and interpretation is another mental antic that divorces one from the power of feeling. Noticing one’s bias toward the mind and surrendering to the power of sensory awareness in the body is the only way to cultivate the seeds of intuition, the inner knowing that aligns our #choices and #behaviors toward the most fulfilling path for our #PersonalNarrative.

The diversity of #HumanExperience and individual processing of life experiences substantiates primary tendencies toward leading one’s perceptions with thought or emotion. Some beings are highly specialized in their capacity to sense, feel through, and read the depths of emotional information. Others are specialized in their capacity to explore, structure, and analyze the vast algorithms of mental computation. The beauty of these focused #specializations is that chartable maps may be shared for the navigation of understanding and co-creation in human relationships to each other, the global community, and the #sentience that earth offers as the container of our existence. The challenge these specializations reveal is the requirement of a bridge designed to uphold, funnel, and filter the multidimensional information both realms of the identified and unidentified self have to share. This #bridge enables the most fine-tuned clarity that may be reached in the circumstances that occur in an individual’s personal narrative, based in the factual events of life and the context of an individual’s perceptual capacity.

The #logarithms of emotion and the #algorithms of thought for #ProblemSolving and expansion of #understanding are fortified through one’s use of them. In today’s world and the #projections of our future, it is paramount to #unearth our #EmotionalIntelligence and refine #EmotionalRegulation, in order to attain and sustain a balanced perspective of our informative experiences, perceptions, and choices. Through the balance of emotional and mental intelligence we reveal a path to #HealthyPractices for well-being. Once a sense of well-being and established #SelfAuthority is discovered, an individual may refine this sense of self and personality they harmonize most with in the “I am” experience. When an individual feels lost, removed, or cut off from this “sense of self”, they have the resonance of feeling-knowing to seek it out again and restore the potency of #connection to a refined sense of that self. The mind and body act as assistants for cataloguing the memories of one’s #SensoryAwareness. No matter how one seeks to evolve beyond the intensity that the senses may invoke through experiences, the senses are always there informing the mind and body of what is knowable in the physical world that one exists in. An individual cannot divide the #SacredRelationship of body and mind without the other degenerating and becoming less of itself.

When the mind listens to the heart’s #intuition by way of the body’s #wisdom, the relevance of thought is #empowered for higher accuracy in sorting, releasing, and clarification of #perception. Unearthing the power of emotion and cultivating acuity of the senses may be a daunting task to those that lead with distanced #rationale, but it is easy to see the whole is not served. Unnecessary strain is put on the system and the outcomes of an endeavor when the general is not listening to the soldiers telling him the map does not match the ground or when supervisors in corporate administration disregard the reality of workers that they are holding the demands over to meet statistical benchmarks because they are in a hypothetical and removed state of mind. A bridge of caring and awareness for what is yet to be known and of the moving parts and their capacity to function must be maintained for success in any endeavor or #ConflictResolution or anarchy and revolution may occur. The mind must be informed by the senses to understand reality, lest it become a dictator of inconjunct ideologies and cognitive dissonance. It must honor the formed and the formless attributes of emotion to navigate the world with the skill of #pragmatism.

The potency and depth of emotional responses can seem as vast as the ocean, perhaps the universe, but emotion is contained in the body which is of the earth, and therefore emotion carries the wisdom of #HealthyBoundary and containment. Like the ocean, emotions ebb and flow. They churn and calm and they shift into our awareness as deep as the light can penetrate for #illumination. Sometimes #emotions break their boundaries and wash over, clearing and cleansing the surfaces of one’s #consciousness or destroying and renewing the structures of the mind. Sometimes emotions are so formless in an individual’s perception, #logic cannot be applied. The attention to facts can be disregarded or denied and the only boundary one feels is the shield they have raised to keep the rest of the world out. This may include their own logarithmic ways to understanding that would offer form to formlessness. These are the moments an individual has dived so deep within that the light of illumination is not penetrating their immersion in the abyss of feeling. When this occurs, those on the outside witnessing can only wait with patience and hope that the other will find a way to communicate effectively with themselves and others again, regardless of the circumstances. The individual immersed in their own abyss must choose the effort and courage required to pull up the pearls from the emotional deep they are seeking and to cleanse and clear the distortions of their own perception with themselves and others for healing. They must choose form beyond formlessness to refine and reconnect the bridge between their mind and heart and open the flow of wholeness that enables a sense of closure and #fulfillment.

#Humanity is a profound characteristic of the human species to be safeguarded. This function of consciousness is revered as a #cornerstone in the foundation of our #evolution. The bridge of the senses to the mind must be protected if we seek to continue our advancement as a species and as an individual #experiencing what it means to live, at all. Seeking the path to establishing self-authority, honorable #transparency, and the skill to understand and communicate the multidimensional perceptions of one’s #HeartAndMind in a unified sense of self empowers emotional and mental growth, regulation, and the expansion of conscientious #intelligence. How do your heart and mind inform you? How do you compensate in the changing circumstances of life to maintain your sense of self?

Let your body senses inform your emotional awareness. Allow these emotions to flow across the hemispheres of the mind. Fine-tune the algorithms of your mental filters by walking the bridge to the center of your heart and meet the invitation of holistic feeling-knowing. Uphold the sacredness of your own humanity and persevere through the journey of distortion, refraction, and loss with the courage for clarity and the patience for understanding.

Excerpts From the Writings of Julie Hightman


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