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What is Faiz?

  “Faiz”, is my own personal euphemism, meaning “Mystical phase of Healing”, originating from the gaelic root "Fae" and "Fai"

            Faiz Healing offers a diverse form of healing and personal growth through the production of methodical and conceptual painting, photography, and sculpture. All artwork may be used as a form of personal therapy and self-reflection. The beauty of art is that the viewer will always identify themselves or attributes they desire within an image, allowing for empowerment of these qualities when one is out of balance.  Psychologically, seeing an image, every day we find comfort in, is of powerful value to our state of health and mind. Art has been used for centuries as therapy to the emotionally or mentally disturbed, terminally ill, and anyone undergoing traumatic events. Everyday we are bombarded by stress of numerous kinds, our constitutions becoming more vulnerable by our unease. Not only producing art, but reflecting on art is a recommended form of release for everyone. We are all creative beings. All life is based on the cycle of creation. Therefore, involving ourselves in reflective moments, whether active or silent, may be imperative to re-inspiring, rejuvenating, and fulfilling our creative souls.

        As Owner and Artist of Faiz Healing for 16 years, I utilize the elements in nature to express the tangible beauty we often feel is so far removed from our individual lives. Visual art as paintings, photography, and mixed assemblages of images, objects, and preserved life forms tell a story that evokes the imagination within. The intent of my artistic expression is to confirm these concepts as palpable and valuable in our everyday existence if we take the opportunities to notice. In my dance with the harmony of creation I beckon to the viewer to join in and revel in the beauty reflected within nature.

      In support of my love for nature and the health of our ecosystems, 10% of each purchase is donated to the management of Wildlife and Environmental Conservation.

                       Thank you for your interest. I hope you find yourself enthralled.


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