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Faiz Art Policy




All Sales of Art and Jewelry are Final. If a product is damaged in shipping then one must comply with the USPS standard for damaged products. All artwork will be insured for a small fee when shipped. Insurance on Jewelry shipments is optional.


If you have ordered prints of art, please allow up to 2-4 weeks for shipment to arrive. Expedited shipping is available on prints or finished pieces. Completion times for Custom art or jewelry may vary. Please contact Faiz to define or structure a deadline if you have not already been given a time frame for shipment. Some large custom art pieces may require a down payment in advance of the final payment and completion of the work. If the down payment is not received, Faiz will not be responsible for completing the work ordered.


Unsatisfactory Products


If a piece is found to be unsatisfactory, please know that although sales are final, Faiz is willing to work toward your satisfaction. Each situation is different, therefore, any further agreement must be discussed with Faiz, on account of your order. If you need to contact Julie Hightman, you may do so at Faizhealing@ 


Jewelry Repair


If Jewelry breaks and you want it fixed, there is a restringing fee:

If all the beads are present = $10.00, plus shipping.

If beads are missing or you want the piece extended, the difference of the bead cost, the $10.00 restringing fee, and shipping cost will be charged. Bead prices vary upon the stone or material, and therefore can only be estimated for each individual piece.

Photography, Paintings, Inspirational Writings, Poetry

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