Harmonic Creations

  Faiz Jewelry is based on the belief that semi-precious and precious stones, as well as, organic matter, have energies and symbolism that empower and encourage the adorner to attune and harmonize with. Each piece is individual and only in very rare cases reproductions are made. I prefer to do custom pieces specific to the person the piece is for, however I enjoy making pieces that one may be attracted to just as one is enthralled with art. The reason there are more necklaces than other types of adornment is specific to the ancient belief that the throat and chest (heart) are the areas of expression, most suited for obtaining and evolving the attributes of the stones. The throat is our largest symbol of expression. It is our creative and communication center, believed in Eastern thought to be the 5th chakra, or Vishuddha. Here we choose to repress or release emotions and thoughts. It is the governing door in which we allow our true selves to be heard.

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   All pieces are made with high grade 21 strand steel wire and sterling silver finishing beads. Clasps may be Sterling Silver, Pewter, or Plated Gold. 

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