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Embrace Light 2
Curious Fairy
Heart Bone

Mantra to the Morning Sun


Body spear to the sky

A pinnacle of rejoice

Arms out- Opening-

As a fishnet expands

to pull in the sea.

Palms outward


sultry lips absorbing

the perspiration of omnipotence


cool winds of breath


My eyes flashing

enthusiasm and sensation

stretching out my Being

to embrace and integrate



Prostrations for Peace

Sowing the seeds

Mantra to the Morning Sun

Harmonic meditation.


Empower Mantra

Stand, Shiver, and Listen

Feel into Rose Love's


between the storms

whispering Death.

Represent herculean repose

with a petal's tongue, and

Recall your Power.


Mantra of Gratitude


Gold an'Rose

Rays of Sunrise

Awakening clouds

of Mourning,

Enfolding my heart

Singing as birds

in fresh water bathe aloft

~Sonnets of Wisdom~

Caress the soul

Mother Earth's Love

Siren of Old

I bask in your Brena

A Lightseed

Full of Gratitude.


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