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Sacred Messengers

Visionary Nectar
Sidereal Lynx
Thothian Mysteries
Kthala's Messenger
Ancestral Wisdom
Sarasvati's Grace
Brigids Dance
Call of Orion
Guardian Of Jupiter
Eye Of Nagual
Universal Harmonies
Dynamic Convergence
Origins of Unity
The Magi's Teaching
Cosmic Illumination
Guardian Of the North
Galactic Transmutations

The experience of Spirituality has many cosmologies and alignments over the ages.

The consistencies of connection to the stars, cardinal seasons, mathematical algorithms, flora, and fauna are evident as running threads of wisdom. The act of ritual alignment and study of symbolism invites each individual to define their own potency in connection to all things. The Sacred Messengers Series is an offering of symbols from a mixture of cosmologies in honor of the essence that connects them all. Each piece exudes the simplicity of symbols in language, the natural world, and patterns evident in creation while substantiating the complexity of correlations between these elements. Although each piece is given a title, I invite you to align your own meaning to the web of connections depicted. 

Paintings, Photography, Inspirational Writings, Poetry

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