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Poetic Catharsis

Rain patters and trickles

down thick moss- Embracing bark

defined by irregularity, Emblems of past storms and malnutrition.

Sun illuminates green velvet

Symbiotic to wounded flesh

infusing photosynthetic minerals

protecting weakened skin.

A flexible armor

Unrestricted and versatile

with Time- moving gracefully.

The entity growing outwardly

nourished by the damp breath

of Earth.

Reaching tall into the sky

A beacon of ecstasy

arms unfolding, fingers unfurl

The delicate wake of each change

is noticed only, by the Wind-

Dancing in the tresses

pervading the Web

of New life, New love

Its fervor for the Sun

defies each Shadow

Gyrating into the rhythm

of each welling Storm

-Strengthening the roots-

Cultivating cosmic perception

Reaching into the molten core

to saturate and exude

Its ultimate essence

Passion engaging

every cell with Vitality

As the flames ignite every

Desire to Overcome.


Photography, Paintings, Inspirational Writings, Poetry

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