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            The flower has long been seen as a reflection of feminine energy and divine geometry. Its spiral movement, in growth, is exquisitely balanced and harmonic. The eastern school of thought sees life as being dualistic, calling this yin/yang, the male and female aspects of existence. It’s truth is evident in all life. The male shape is the cube or square. The female shape is the sphere or circle. The spiral is the meshing of these two powers as one, co-existing.

            The delicacy and temporal nature of a flower teaches us compassion, love of simplicity, humility, and acceptance. It reminds us that we are reborn, like flowers, each day, week, or year. When something, someone, some event, impacts our lives, we are changed. We intend to grow as a result of this experience. In this way, we use the teachings flower has given us. Plants all around us have teachings and symbolism. 


   The Animal Kingdom has brought wonder, teachings, and resources for our survival throughout the history of human evolution. The creatures of the earth and its resources are precious elements in the continuation of our survival as one global ecosystem of micro-environments. Consciousness expands in the hierarchy of life forms and with this comes power and responsibility. The microcosm and macrocosm of existence is indivisible in its perpetual exchange. The higher will always incorporate the lower and the lower will always hold the seed of the higher form to be attained.

   Being in nature is often reflected by many to be restorative and fulfilling from the demands of society and the technocratic world. Animals provide a reminder of our own imprint and purpose in the art of self-exploration for survival, co-creation in community, routine and impulsive behaviors. Many tribal cosmologies acknowledge the animals as teachers and guides to maintain our connection to nature and the cycles of the earth. The teachings of each animal is different. The timing and circumstances of the experience may hold deeper messages specific to each individual. Embracing openness to bear witness, to listen, and learn is the initiation of expanding knowledge for Self and others. Gratitude is the way to honor sentience in all creatures. Curiosity and the will to refinement is the path to create harmony.

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