The Story of a Flower

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

By: Nancy Wood

In the season of wild strawberries

I came from the earth as a flower

High on a hill above my village, with only

The Eagle, the Buffalo, the Bear, and the Butterfly

To watch the petals of my spirit unfold.

The Eagle spoke first. He said:

Sister you will never have wings like me,

Except in the pathways of your dreams,

Yet you will fly to the top of the sky

Because I give you the Gift of Courage.

The Buffalo spoke next. He said:

Sister, you will never survive a long time like me,

Except on the trail of your memories,

Yet you will see a thousand winters go by

Because I give you the Gift of Endurance.

The Bear spoke next. He said:

Sister you will never know the secrets

Of the four-legged animals, since you are only a flower,

Yet the knowledge of all creatures is yours

Because I give you the Gift of Wisdom.

The Butterfly spoke next. She said:

Sister, you believe you are very important,

Because the creatures have given their gifts to you,

Yet here on this hill you will always be at home

Because I give you the Gift of Humility.

So I have lived many seasons,

Among the Eagle, the Buffalo, the Bear, and the Butterfly,

Watching the birds go by, speaking to rain and sky.

My colors have been the colors of the rainbow.

My beauty has given joy to all who see me.

To bloom even when there is no rain

Requires the Courage of the Eagle.

To last through the heavy snows of winter,

Requires the Endurance of the Buffalo.

To understand the importance of all seasons,

Requires the Wisdom of the Bear.

But to rejoice when my blossoms die,

Requires only the Butterfly’s Humility.

This poem has inspired much of my love for flowers and my focus on portraying flowers through varying mediums as an artist.


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