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Symbolism, Synchronicity, and Purpose

In the journey of #HumanConsciousness, we are driven to ascribe meaning, correlation, and application from objects, events, and interactions in the world. The human mind negotiates decisions through the lens of #symbolism in a kaleidoscope of orchestrated timing that reaches into the abstract field of #purpose. The depth of one’s understanding constructs the view and opens the doors of perception with every new piece of collectable information. The capacity for #witnessing new symbolic elements and factors in the context of their #synchronicity expands an individual’s #conscientiousness, while fortifying attention to #meaning and #value in life as a whole. This relationship between symbolism and value is electromagnetic, a powerful force affecting the hands of time interdependently as history unfolds for review. Symbolism, synchronicity, and purpose are like the 3 Fates in Greek mythology, inextricable from the past, present, and future.


            Symbolism, synchronicity, and purpose are malleable and transformative to the sentience of our being. The #resonance of one’s soul echoes like a siren for attention, lurking in the fog of our hunt for #security in a sense of meaning. It is not easy to live a life without meaning or purpose. It is not easy to live a life completely detached form symbolism and #relevance because the attempts to free oneself from these inherent urges in the experience of existence creates dullness and demotivation, resulting from inertia. The illusion of living a life without meaning is itself an act of #puppeteering, requiring the use of language and plot lines which are then masqueraded as meaning “without meaning.” The illusion is only sustainable by the art of hyperfocused #attention on a lack of meaning that ignores the #PursuitOfPurpose. The disregard for any new information to challenge this perception creates a #TimeLoop of re-enforcing experiences dictated by one’s emotional #temperament that thickens the fog of a mind and obscures opportunities to expand conscious #awareness. A similar result occurs in any fixation, no matter how light or dark, when the need to control life according to how one feels compelled to confine the experience of meaning supercedes the #humility of being a witness and #CoCreator of it. “Spiritual bypassing” is another experiential compensation for what may feel hard to acknowledge and deepen understanding in, relating to alternate views of what we call “#reality.” The persistent #NeedToControl meaning is draining in comparison to #witnessing and considering the possibilities of #meaning, which directly affect the relevance of value and #purpose of a sense of meaning to that individual. This is because of the resistance required each time new information presents for an individual’s awareness to #expand and receive it.


            The #willingness to witness, consider, and #correlate meaning is directly related to the underlying sense of purpose one feels within their own #existence and the life they are living. The #CumulativeEffect of valuation in meaning and purpose nourishes and sustains an individual’s #attention to what they manifest or strive to achieve. The way we attach meaning to #symbolism draws a #roadmap to the goals one sets and encourages the searching nature of the mind and heart to embrace the process of engagement between oneself and the world. This is required for #GoalAchievement. This roadmap may have many twists and turns, doubling back on itself, along with leaps and bounds as we embrace the journey to understanding oneself, the story we are taking part in, and fortifying meaning in alignment with one’s #SoulResonance. What once had meaning or perpetuated as a symbol in one’s life may offer a sense of #freedom once it is perceived differently or no longer relevant. Likewise, a loss of meaning an individual held great value in may feel overwhelming and incite the experience of suffering. They are both signs of transformation, an #AlchemicalProcess of re-arranging elements to produce a new form or slate in order to evolve the awareness of self.


            The synchronicity of experiences, witnessed symbolism, and formulating perceptions of meaning is the foundation that enables an alchemical #transformation in the productivity of purpose. “Timing is everything,” we say. Yet, “Time does not exist” is another perception of meaning ascribed to time. The parameters of #time are what construct it, not time itself. The witness is an imperative component to the meaning of time. It is #synchronicity that stands in solidarity, generating the parameters of time. Synchronicity is the equation we can choose to see in the background of the #matrix we experience #existence within. The function of events, acting in concert with the witness, and the viewable lens of symbolism in each moment is where the magic and mystery play their sleight of hand. Sometimes they reveal the illusion and other times they play it forward in a grander symphony of events, emotions, thoughts, echoes of meaning, displacement and #refinement of values, and moments of certainty or #curiosity that affect the choices we make. It is up to us to keep the doors of perception open, to be committed to #understanding the relationships that synchronicity presents for witnessing. Turning one’s attention to the considerations of synchronicity expands self-awareness and consciousness as a whole.


            If we are the authors and co-creators of our lives, then becoming a #scribe in the documentation, sorting, and reviewing of notable events, symbols, #messages, and personal conclusions is a #PowerfulPractice. #Journaling is like drawing a roadmap for the self. It enhances retainment of memories and knowledge. It acts as a reference for the review of feelings and thoughts still working up to the surface for correlation and relevance to momentary impulses and short or long term coping mechanisms. #Scrapbooking and art collage mixed with free writing and sketching are also forms of #healing catharsis and reviewable outlets that expand self-awareness. Your own willingness to connect with yourself in this way is evident of the friendship, love, and wisdom you have the power to feel with yourself and your negotiations in #LifeChoices. Witnessing your own stream of consciousness can reveal many #PatternsOfFixation and ways of being that effect the narrative your #AuthenticSelf seeks to align for #fulfillment. Honoring what is most meaningful to you in the #development of your #character, how you share your #energy with others, and what you seek to create that fulfills the calling within requires devotion to #mindfulness and #precision. No one else can tell you what is more #meaningful or valuable to your experience. This must be discerned within and #cultivated in the change of seasons that define the landscapes you traverse in the personal and collective realm of human #consciousness.


            The seeds of life generate the flowers that cast off their petals to ripen the fruit of their labors. This fruit decays to disperse its seeds beneath dark fertile soils. The alchemy of synchronicity procures the birth and endurance of purpose over many seasons in the body, mind, heart, and spirit. The meaning of existence serves itself. Those who honor the value of it must tend to its perpetuation with humility and receptivity for its evolution throughout time and relativity.


Attune your vision to the kaleidoscope of possibility and refine the lens to sharpen understanding. Engage with time in a dance of synchronicity to discern the wisdom of alchemy and feel the merit of each transformation inscribed in the story

of your authentic self.



Excerpts from the Writings of Julie Hightman

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