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IbisRose Teachings

Radiant Discovery
Dreaming Forward
Consecrating the Well
Parting the Veils
Harnessing the Light

The Ibis Rose Teachings portray the dance of a young Glossy Ibis interacting with time and space in the Universe. Through the alchemical teachings of experience with the flame of passion and enthralled self discovery the path to wisdom through suffering and cathartic transformation evolve. The Ibis has long been associated with patience, wisdom, spiritual ascension, and protection. The Rose Nebula harkens to the teachings of the Rose and the expansion of its conceptual association to the heart. The reflection and response here grew from the cliche relationship of the Dove to the heart and its representation of love. Here the demure and easily anxious Dove is succeeded by the grace and strength of the Ibis.

Completed 2015-2016

Inspirational writings, Paintings, Photography

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