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Seeking Harmony to Liberate the Soul

In a world of diversity, the cascade of emotions and thoughts we each experience challenges our capacity to find harmony within oneself and with others. The pressure to explore and discern this #harmony for fulfilling outcomes can ignite further reactivity of emotion or avoidance of the challenges one faces, in order to obtain a sense of relief or freedom. While the mix of #instinctual and imprinted emotional responses arise with a stream of #egoic thoughts to protect oneself and have #power over the situation, the soul of our truest self is attempting to find a matching #resonance for a collaborative outcome that nourishes or appeases the experience for all involved. A sense of honest #liberation from any experience, emotional cycling, or thought fixation is only discovered in the harmony of the soul’s resonance. The voice of a soul will not be denied. It runs deeper than emotion and dictates more than the power of one’s thought. When the resonance for harmony is achieved, the transformation of life patterns, the healing of #woundedness, and the #wisdom to uphold one’s power within enable the experience of #fulfillment in the pursuit of #happiness.

Resonance is a powerful governor in the regulation of all life. It is operating in the background of everything at all times. Every living thing has its own collection of #sounds and #vibration, humming its own song. We each #mirror and share notes of this song in the origin of our species DNA and in congruence with the earth’s overarching requirements to sustain life. We are a cacophony of tones striving to perpetuate and contain “vitality.” When the pulse in our vessels and the timing of our neuron #transmissions are disrupted or change, a breakdown in our strength and clarity is inevitable. Emotions and thoughts carry the power of resonance and the same vulnerability to discordance many times a day, let alone a lifetime. Harmonizing the #discord within the mental, emotional, and physical bodies is an active choice that underlies the experience of #BeingHuman. As one expands their self-awareness and their #consciousness of resonance, they align with the essence of their soul’s harmonic blueprint. This #blueprint is a guidelight for how to rebalance and fortify one’s sense of unity, clarity, and contentment when conflict creates #disharmony or disconnection within self.

Liberation is closely associated to #HarmonicResonance. There is an awareness of fluidity, ease, and uplifting invitation to be one with that sensation. The quietude of the mind and the receptivity of the heart is a marked attribute in the most supreme moments of perceived harmony. As the vibration of thoughts and emotion transform beyond the #dissonance of #conflict, the pressure releases, one’s breath expands then exhales like a bird taking flight, circling back to land and lift off again and again. This is the sensation of #fulfillment that occurs when conflicts are resolved, wounds are healed, and the alignment with one’s soul resonance is in harmony. It is the #peace symbolized by the white #dove and the power to rule oneself from the soul’s wisdom associated with the #eagle in spiritual practices. A false sense of liberation may come through the dance of the egoic self when an individual does not want to realize the #illusions they create or are attracted to. This sense of freedom from pressure lacks the grounding cord of #SoulResonance and is often short lived. The story that perpetuates in the fall out of illusion when open or covert expectations are not met is evidence of the egoic self dictating one’s experience. #Attuning to the soul’s resonance is a #refinement process in conversation with the egoic self and requires attentiveness with #curiosity to discern which part of self is operating in the #hierarchy of their life choices.

Conflict resolution, co-creating harmony, and honoring one’s power within are all necessary for a sense of perceived justice that advocates for the mind and the heart. #Justice is not only about #logic and not only about #emotional #vindication. Weighing the scales of any situation, whether inspiring or challenging, is heavily dependent on the resonance the one who is weighing those scales is attuned to. Some are attached to their mental deductions, while others lean into their emotional imprints but accuracy requires that these aspects of egoic self find balance and allow the potency of what the soul is asking for to be the overseer and conductor that harmonizes the #symphony of experiential perceptions. Attuning to the requests of one’s soul blueprint opens a path to a web of #understanding that benefit an individual’s path forward and any others affected by the choices they make from a place of healthy #empowerment and #accountability on that path. That web of understanding is interwoven in the background of all our #LifeStories and is the origin of the elements that repeat themselves in scales of harmony or discord.

Discord is draining. It scatters one’s energy and focus toward unproductive, distracting thoughts or emotional overwhelm. Discord is powerful in calling out the shadow aspects of the egoic self and pulling one deeper into distortion, away from their soul’s harmonic resonance. If prolonged, this may become the experience of “losing oneself”, of feeling cast out from life or one’s dreams, and martyring oneself in the belief of #powerlessness. The sensations of dissonance and harmony are natural aspects in the duality of life and the soul’s journey to knowing itself. It is the choice to follow or stay in dissonance or harmony that is up to us. When dissonance occurs or perpetuates, the most direct way to attaining peace or harmony is to trust the power of #FreeWill you carry within. This power can be used to instigate further dissonance or #suppression of the soul’s resonance causing dis-integration of heart and mind inevitably or it may be used to re-establish a center for #balance and clarification of how to conduct oneself with the intention of #harmonization. Harmonization may not be matching the exact tone of another or a situation. It is often a complementary tone that flows with or strengthens the tone of another or a situation. It may be a choice to welcome the song you are creating with another back to a place of harmony, if they are willing to meet you in that #intentional effort as well. Musical ensembles are defined by scales and how they resonate together. The same is true of the soul and therefore the mind and heart when accordance is discovered and chosen. No one can take your power from you or diminish the capacity of your soul. It is an illusion that you or anyone else is ever fully in control of another at the soul level. Any moment of discord or dissonance is an opportunity to maintain the strength of one’s soul resonance and to offer the same respect to others for honoring their soul’s resonance. When intentional effort to harmonize is resisted or denied, individuals are no longer creating together. They are playing out the sounds of their own song, no longer honoring the journey of sharing resonance in unity. Sometimes this is the best approach to reach harmony with soul resonance for both the individuals, whether immediate or eventual. Many times, the experience of breaking away for solo focus on oneself and the way one seeks to align with their soul resonance in a relationship, situation, or life chapter is #pivotal in finding the most potent notes of wisdom required for the future unfolding #soundtrack in their soul’s journey.

Every relationship has its own unified soul resonance to manifest at all. This includes all roles played out through connections with others in family, romance, friendship, work or school, and communities we generally interact in. When the soul resonance of a relationship is ignored, the relationship begins to dis-integrate, showing signs of #conflict and disconnection. It is common for most to choose oneself first, and then perhaps consider the other’s experience but attuning to the soul resonance they share and what this is asking in the relationship to maintain balance or perpetuation is often ignored or unheard. The capacity to honor each other as #equals is the first step toward harmonizing and balancing perceived #PowerStruggles. Having accountability for the choices one makes in how they wield their power is essential for each individual involved to feel the strength and clarity of truth within and in the outcomes of those actions through their involvement. Harmony within self or within #relationship cannot be found without personal accountability and consolidation of #PersonalPower. #Discernment for where the #resonance is faltering and collaborative considerations for the fulfillment of self and others involved then opens the path for liberation through healing and continued co-creation, ideally. If complementary collaboration or harmony in #agreement cannot be found, acknowledging the completion of a #SharedSong is also a powerful moment of liberation. How we end the call and response of a shared experience, with respect to balance of power and honoring self or others involved, creates an #echo effect in future endeavors and #songs we share with others because of how we carry it on within ourselves. The song is officially over when the story does not repeat itself in the mind and heart with lingering intensity. This includes the subtle pressure that amplifies as an imprint when a similar experience invokes the memory of other shared songs in our life stories.

The #soundtrack to one’s life can be replayed again and again, as edits, reprises, covers, and homages. This is the nature of #SoulResonance and the work of finding liberation through #harmonizing all aspects of self within and with those we #CoCreate with. Taking active steps to quiet the mind’s logic and quench the heart’s emotion in order to listen and feel more deeply to the scales set forth by the soul honors the potency of one’s authentic self. When allowed, this authentic resonance guides how and what one manifests in the outcomes of experience. Fortifying outcomes that consolidate trust in our own power and precision for balanced #justice that are in alignment with the soul refine one’s capacity to feel nourished and share that strength in #wholeness with the world.

Seek out the resonance of your soul when dissonance disrupts your vibe. Balance the scales of the heart and mind when truth comes to be weighed. Emotional intelligence is the chanting wisdom deep within. Embrace your own potency to activate the alchemy in songs calling for harmony to liberate and redefine the patterns of your own life stories.

Excerpts from the Writings of Julie Hightman

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