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Re-Establishing Root in Times of Change

When the pivotal #TidesOf Life have washed you upon new shores, how do you revive the light and the strength within to create again? How does the demand differ, based on the circumstances of the storm one perceives in their experience? #Expanding the capacity for reserves that sustain the will required for persevering into new beginnings carries the same teaching, no matter how great the turbulence or graceful the drift. It is not the duration of time it is the perception of intensity and the dysregulation of #coping mechanisms that drain one’s being and disable a sense of #empowerment or #purpose. Taking the time to restore and re-align with the Authentic self is an essential part of learning how to carry and protect the seeds of our dreams for cultivation in the future.

Nature moves in a dynamic cycle showing us the ways to bring #creativity into production and fruition after periods of harvest and nourishing the web of our #roots. The weather influences the shifts of the seasons as all creatures on the earth perceive different challenges to sustain necessities for success and attempt to cope with the extremes in excess or deficiency of #resources. These patterns are directly relevant to how an individual perceives life events, demands for change, obstacles, loss, achievements, and self-sustainability, mentally and emotionally. #FindingABalance requires the awareness that balance is a perpetual dance in the everchanging landscape of life. An environment that moves in predictable and unpredictable ways nourishes the creative relationship of #receptivity and action. #Witnessing the pattern brings discernment of predictable and unpredictable factors, in order to find the empowering balance and grace when choosing the next steps to take.

The question is, are you a predictable or unpredictable factor in the experience? Centering within the wisdom of the #AuthenticSelf fortifies clarity for the foundational choices that define that self in every moment, regardless of situational variations. Without this cord of knowingness and self-trust, the more unpredictable one may be to themselves and any situation that arises. When an individual practices #CenteringWithin the duality of life and mind, the receptivity to change, and the clarity for how to #DreamForward will be refined and skillfully expanded through the unfolding #SeasonsOfLife.

The power to create is nourished by the power to #imagine. Humankind’s ability to envision and manifest is the “#HolyGrail” that perpetuates and evolves our experience as a species. How sacred we hold that grail and how willing we are to share it with others is one of the oldest questions recycled, again and again, throughout the tides of civilization in earth history. #ThePowerToDream is essential for perpetuating the value of one’s experience in body on the earth or beyond what we know of this physical realm. The power to create is harnessed when the will to act on a dream is accessed, cultivated, and sustained. When life’s demands and losses create forks in the road to a dream, the greatest opportunities arise to honor oneself and align accordingly with the deepest codes of #PersonalTruth. These codes are held deep in the web of our roots. The roots of our perceptions from childhood, repetitive life experiences, intuitive knowing, and awareness of the framework that defines who we are and who we choose to be in the give and take of life. Like a plant must conserve energy in times of drought or wait to release the buds of spring, one must focus their attention in the healing and tending to the roots of their own making, Without adequately nourished #roots, a plants growth is stunted, diseased, or waning in the capacity for life, altogether.

Re-establishing roots in a #ChangingWorld can seem daunting when every attempt to feel certainty for direction and success in manifestation continues to meet resistance. When a foundation is challenged for endurance in a #TimeOfRenewal, the pace of attentive growth and healing to protect resources may become an all-consuming focus. Embracing the process of #transformation and perspective for new ways to manage and succeed in the face of many knowns and unknowns is the most productive way to nourish curiosity while balancing self-protection and vulnerability. Learning the #ArtOfTransformation secures and expands an individual’s creative capacity within to become one with the divine flow that encourages refinement and re-design in perceptions of self as a part of the world. The magic of life is perpetuated by the mystery of #TheUnknown and the cords of love that enlighten and empower us to #imagine and then create. It is the inherent #AlchemicalExperience of transformation that shapes the heart, mind, and spirit for fulfillment, #BeyondSuffering, that encodes the essence with joy in #liberation and #contentment in #RootedConnection.

Love is the nourishment for thriving. Love brings reconnection to self and connection to others. It is the #healing salve for all wounds and the spark that perpetuates vitality. #Love is demonstrated through one’s sense of #ValueAndPurpose. This must first be recognized by the self, for the self, and then by others, in mutual exchange, that share this loving recognition with one another. The seeds of our dreams to revive and dedicate focus and energy to in times of renewal are only fulfilling because of the love and #gratitude discovered or sustained beyond the turmoil of change. #Willpower alone is not enough to fulfill the #HolyGrail within oneself. It may be enough to act with the #integrity of the Authentic self, but it does not magnify or linger the way that the #EssenceOfLove, as the foundation for value and purpose, feeds the soul. #FeedingTheSoul is the only way to #RememberingHowToDream. The spirit of love revives the will to #CultivateTheSeeds of #NewBeginnings. Trust in the Authentic self empowers the willing participation in the dance of life and embraces opportunity, for the wisdom required, to attain new degrees of fulfillment in #TheFaceOfTheUnknown.

Catch your breath on the crystalline shores unfolding beneath you. Feel the light of the seeds in your pouch of dreams glowing with anticipation. #Nourish your soul’s truth in the web of your roots and embrace the essence of love and wisdom, strengthening each step to discover a new balance. #Manifest by the will to thrive and radiate gratitude for existence.

Excerpts From the Writings of Julie Hightman

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