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Integrity and Leading with Intention

The path to achieving what we want in life is marked with obstacles that create resistance and problem-solving opportunities. The many #ForksInTheRoad of a journey to an end goal can challenge one’s sense of self and question the depth of desire one sustains to continue the pursuit of achievements. #Diversions from one path to another in that pursuit may reveal a choice to #sacrifice one’s #integrity for the sake of winning or #surrendering one’s integrity when losing. An individual’s alignment with their #CoreTruths and the enactment of those beliefs by #LeadingWithIntention is essential to maintaining integrity with self and with others regardless of perceived #WinningOrLosing. Leading with intention to honor one’s integrity and the integrity of others, enables self-respect, #MutualRespect, and #HealthyFoundations for empowering experiential outcomes.

#Integrity is intimately intertwined within self-worth and how one feels when experiencing #achievement or the struggle to achieve desired outcomes. If an individual feels they have #compromised part of their integrity to meet a goal the satisfaction of meeting that goal is lessened. If an individual is #struggling to achieve a desired outcome, questioning one’s parameters of integrity and reconsidering the #ValueOfIntegrity may arise. Holding the line of #ClearIntention may falter, further clouding direction for #HowToProgress. When intentions are unclear an individual is prone to submitting to a path that does not honor one’s integrity, to the will of others, or to shutting down altogether. The alignment of principles may shift in the creative process toward finding solutions to meet a goal, yet integrity does not have to be compromised if what is learned in the re-orientation of principles harmonizes with and individual’s #CoreTruths and empowers conscientious self-worth.

#LeadingWithIntegrity and #intention is essential to feeling empowered in one’s choices, recognizing self-worth as secure in the perception of self in any circumstance. No matter the outcome of an endeavor, being in alignment with one’s core truths, and acting from this place sustains one’s #TrustInSelf. Holding #ClearIntentions and returning to these acknowledged intentions, even in the struggle to achieve, is the foundation of how an #IndividualValues their #EffortsAndActions when #striving for successful outcomes. If devaluation of intention and efforts prevail, a perceived self-betrayal is inevitable. This self-betrayal may be miniscule or enormous in the narrative of life but the culmination of many small betrayals will undermine #SelfTrust and #SelfWorth, perhaps more than one large #BetrayalOfTheSelf. It all depends on the individual and their alignment to the principles that define their character. It depends on the foundation of one’s intentions and #integrity throughout a life. Either way, self-trust and self-worth are required in the symbiotic relationship of #LivingWithIntegrity and #LeadingWithIntention. When the mind is lost in the mire of rationale, the way to center one’s focus is to return to the #CoreTruth of one’s intention and follow the path of greatest integrity from there. Satisfaction with self, first, is essential to the acceptance of any outcome, as well as, engaging further for better outcomes.

Leading with intention aligned with our integrity defines the #potency of any act that comes from those intentions. Self-empowerment by living one’s truth intentionally and sharing those intentions put in place to honor those truths with others structures the design of an individual’s life, efforts, and endeavors. Acknowledging self-trust and self-worth naturally advocates the actions required to achieve fulfilling outcomes, to redirect #strategies or #goals as needed, and to accurately assess whether one’s principles and actions are serving the tenets of #EmpoweredLiving. Living in empowered self-trust and intention everyday attunes individual potential to manifest desired outcomes in the narrative of life. #Resilience and the #WillToHeal from disappointment, loss, and the many painful #ChallengesOfLife are easier found in the individuals who #LeadWithIntegrity. #HonoringSelfAndOthers as well as the challenges of life intentionally, expands the possibilities for creative solutions, #clarity of responsibility in distorted circumstances, and mutual opportunities to build understanding and #respect in communication.

When everything beyond self is silent and removed, how one feels about themselves dictates how one trusts their own integrity and diligence of will within to choose between the paths that arise in the external world. If jaded, regaining #SelfTrust and #SelfWorth requires the acknowledgment of an individual’s #CoreTruths and the alignment with those truths in efforts, actions, and communication by #LeadingWithIntention from the smallest tasks to #TheGreatestEndeavors. Leading with intention and honoring one’s integrity is a practice in every moment. Embracing a #SustainablePath of self-worth and resilience for the challenges of life requires trust and acknowledgment of the core that defines one’s center of being.

#KnowThyself, #LoveThyself, and #BeThyself in the #RiseOfSuccess and the fall of adversity. Seek to learn more than you know of yourself in every journey and outcome in the narrative of your life. Harness the potency of intentional living and perpetuate the sacredness of #PersonalIntegrity.

Excerpts from the Writings of Julie Hightman

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