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When Self-Entitlement Becomes Self-Sabotage

In the current age of #consciousness, attitudes of #SelfEntitlement for the sake of #identity acknowledgment and a wide definition of what it means to be #privileged are common topics for discussion or conflict for division. The term self-entitlement may be defined as someone’s personal assessment of what they feel they deserve in any context or circumstance. Self-entitlement arises in a #WorldOfDuality where the #balance of extremes is increasingly polarized. This context of #polarization may be based in factual reality or rationalized perceptions. It is essential in the #integrity of one’s efforts for self-empowerment, in any context, to achieve a balance between personal perceptions, the perceptions of others, and factual reality. When one’s perception of self and focus on #entitlement is the only catalyst, #SelfSabotage is more likely to prevail and ongoing conflict in self, the world, and relationships to what we seek to attain will perpetuate. Self-sabotage is a prominent cause of many #UnfulfilledEndeavors in life. How aware an individual is of the components that drive their perceptions and actions, their wants and needs, as well as these same components in a situation or person beyond self that is asking for acknowledgment and fine tuned #clarity will affect the #success or #failure in resolve and #fulfillment.

Self-sabotage may arise as harsh #judgments of self or others, a lack of awareness of the integral parts to achieving an endeavor, or a #fixation on perceived wants and needs that create a block to #HealthyCommunication with self and others. #SelfSabotage is a representation of loss and brings the cathartic stages of #grief into our being to be processed. Anytime an individual blocks the creative flow to seek or #CreateSolutions to a conflict, the compartmentalization required to ignore the conflict or the grief that results from it, fragments the mind, heart, and soul. Years later, these wounds manifest physically and mentally as stuck forms of #guilt, #resentment, and #regret, degrading further the connections to the #identity of self. If the goal of #SelfEntitlement is to be acknowledged and given the wants or needs for the identity of self, one feels most aligned with, it is essential that self-sabotaging thoughts and actions be sorted and overcome. Self-sabotage itself perpetuates the experience of self-entitlement due to the experiential conflict in a lack of fulfillment. This #conflict may pivot one deeper into obstinacy for what they feel “owed” or toward an attitude of #defeat with decreasing self-worth. This #DownwardSpiral of belief in “not deserving” something is the other side of failing to achieve wants, needs, and self-empowering opportunities for #ConflictResolution. It is imperative when one is fixated on perceptions of self-entitlement that a weighing of value in the whole circumstance, the whole life picture, and the origins of “why” one is entitled are clear. Understanding this opens a path to consider “how” this can be fulfilled or if it is, in fact, a #fixation that may lead to sabotage.

#Projections of belief around #RightVsWrong and #declarations of identity in the context of day to day circumstance or larger social movements are a common driver of conflict and #DivisionInAmerica and the world society. The identity of younger #generations mixing with older generations will always bring pressure to re-define established institutions and the status quo of many topics. How we as conscious beings #ChooseToCreate or offer healthy communication around these differences will be evident in the degree of #divisiveness and outward #DisplayOfPower that result from self-entitlement. Will the enactments of perceived needs and wants be productive or sabotage the ideal sought for fulfillment? The path to weaving a fabric of ideas with foundational #wisdom, #FundamentalFacts, aspiring visions, and stable restructuring for refinement in the progression of humanity in society and on the earth require an eye for detail and openness to learning more than we think we know. Putting the microscope to self, others, the relationships shared, and the context of circumstance to expand one’s perspective of all the multidimensional factors in an experience is the most empowering approach for self-fulfillment and attaining successful outcomes beyond self-entitlement and sabotage. The terms self-entitlement and self-sabotage resonate with emotion and subjectivity, revealing their enactment is primarily based on internal perceptions and conflicts with self. To use these terms, may automatically disregard all others in the context of an experience and shut down the creative flow of communication that may enable #MutualEmpowerment and fulfillment. When working through a conflict of perception or need, refining terms for #HealthyCommunication may include phrases regarding “personal values”, “personal boundaries for requirement”, “definitions of integrity for self”, “personal ideals” and “personal doubts”, “inner conflict”, “awareness of blocks in personal choices”, and “accountability for reactivity”, respectively.

It takes #effort and #commitment to consider the many factors affecting perceptions and outcomes for self and the world in this journey of life. Emotional reactivity without questioning one’s impulses is a “trial and error” way of living that sets up more circumstances relating to cyclical patterns of self-sabotage and the sabotage of others, feeding conflict and #separatism. Emotions are an informative element of what is calling for deeper introspection and sorting before enacting one’s #FreeWill to choose with greater effectiveness for outcomes. Defaulting to #impulsivity catalyzed by emotion in the fixation of self-entitlement or #HerdMentality without analysis for the value of the demand, the “why”, and the “how to achieve” for optimal success, forfeits the most #empowering aspect of choice in free will. #EmotionalAttachment to what is valued in life vary with every individual. This subjective lens can polarize the simplest of moments dictated by the #ValueSystems one has created in their comparison of life experiences and outcomes. Value systems are initiated in #childhood and learned or taught by parental observation and dictation. Throughout the maturation of the body, the heart and mind are only as mature as the challenges that have been influential in the growth of perceptions, throughout a life. This includes perceptions of self-identity, others, the world, and self in context to all external factors. The superficiality and the profoundness of values may only be realized through the #effort and #commitment to analyzing and understanding the #origins and drive behind #expectations, wants, and needs. Assessing this information in the context of factual reality maintains a grounded #perspective in the balance of fulfilling self and others. #Expanding one’s perception of value may be achieved by considering the lives and values of others.

In times of friction, the want for change is inevitable. Defining the terms for optimal resolve to empower and #honor the #integrity and #InnerWisdom of all involved requires effort and detailed awareness for healthy communication. Expanding the effectiveness of one’s free will in #choice demands #discernment and an open mind for #CreativeSolutions beyond impulsive emotions and reactivity. Empower yourself without disempowering others. Weigh your expectations of yourself and the world. Seek the path where they connect and enable the opportunity for collective unity. #BuildABridge between old and new structures of achievement to nourish integration for #StableGrowth as each new day unfolds.

Excerpts from the Writings of Julie Hightman

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