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Vulnerability and Resilience with an Open Heart

The power of an #OpenHeart catalyzes the opportunity for sharing and receiving #AbundantFulfillment. On the journey to open one’s heart for fulfillment the choice to explore and to create in the world as an individual and in #relationship with others increases one’s perceptions of #vulnerability. Perceptions of #joy, #ambition, #contentment, and #security, or #loss, lack of success, #disappointment for #expectations unmet, and nuances in a perceived lack of control are all part of the experience in this process. Life events that feel #traumatic or unsatisfying can influence an individual to shut down and isolate as an effort to #DefendAndProtect the perceived parts of self that are being challenged in the face of vulnerability. The challenge at its core is an opportunity to deepen into one’s understanding of the #resistance, in order to #CreateMore effectively, to place proper #BoundaryForSelf and others, to augment #balance where it is lacking, and to question one’s perceptions about the #fears, disappointment, #anger, and #righteousness that may be demanding a total shut down, escape, or backlash reaction to the experience of being #vulnerable. By deepening one’s relationship to the #AuthenticSelf and #EmpoweringTrust within, the power to move #BeyondResistance and to #transmute perceived threats is embodied. Then, #theTradeOff of choosing the path of an open heart and vulnerability may be seen as the #CultivationOfResilience.

Resilience is #HowWeSurvive, not only physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Throughout a life, cultivation and dependence on resilience may become partial and lacking #wholeness. Reliance on protecting the primary part of self an individual perceives as necessary can divide out the #intention and focus of #CultivatingWholeness in that reliance on all aspects of oneself. This is evident when one component of how an individual creates in life is successful in resilience while others are diminished. Someone can be great at surviving physically, yet low in their reserves of spiritual perseverance. Another can be well developed in mental fortitude when connecting with others and strategizing successful endeavors, yet poor in emotional stamina and empathy when developing personal #relationships and embracing the wisdom of the bodily senses. As the human species advances technologically, the reliance on mental faculties will continue to dominate. Living life from a cerebral, reductionist, and rationalizing foundation severs the #sentient cords of feeling, instinct, and intuition that reveal an expansive network of #CreativeSkills to meet life’s basic demands and achieve the inspirations of #growth through function in a holistic way. It is the nature of the mind to seek control, understanding, and affect when exploring the world and chaperoning connection with self and others. It is the nature of the heart to feel affected and to contain the sensory experience of inspiration through a relationship with self and others.

When the perception of vulnerability arises, the compensatory mechanism of defense is a basic imprint of the #SurvivalMind. It is the nature of the survival mind to seek control at all costs in the attempt to persist “as is” in the experience of life. Superseding this urge enables a deepening into the experience of the feelings and thoughts associated to the catalyst of vulnerability. This requires the #AcceptanceOfChange as a versatile teacher and a willingness to refine one’s #awareness in the context of that #change. Engaging the #curiosity of the mind to reveal #WhatTheHeartContains and how to utilize it with resilience is the way to #aspiring beyond just surviving to the #ArtOfThriving. Thriving requires the #intentional cultivation of holistic skills for maintaining unity with the authentic self, in order to evolve in the dynamism of existence. Choosing to live life with an open heart and #trusting in resilience though the experience of vulnerability is an essential skill in this endeavor. The most profound experiences of fulfillment in the human experience reside in the knowing, #receiving, and #giving of love to self, others, the world, and a higher spiritual power. Within these #TeachingsOfLove in many forms the perceptual container of the individual persists as a #reflection in the intensity and frequency of love as an experience. It is the mind that chaperones, structures, and defines what has, is, and will be enabled for enthrallment. No matter the traumas, losses, and unmet expectations of an individual, the potency of love still exists to be received, cultivated, and exchanged.

#TheMask of vulnerability sheds its skin as the layers of the psyche push forth for #acknowledgment, #illumination, and #enlightenment. The most alchemical transformations are activated by the #resolve to embrace one’s power and to acknowledge the embodiment of love’s teachings as the source of that power. This requires the will to receive and the immersion within that container of feeling, the will to expand the capacity of #PerceivedLimitations within, and the attention to refine filters that allow free passage into and out of this rhythmic reservoir of self. The #courage to face vulnerability has no root without love to draw upon. The rewards of #ProtectingOneself can feel hollow and draining to achieve without a deeper valuation of #purpose for the efforts of #thriving in lieu of #surviving. #LovingOneself, #life, and carrying #LoveForOthers invigorates and magnifies the experience of success when the call to #LearnFromVulnerability or the perceived need for protection unfolds.

Choosing to live and love with an open heart requests one’s #willingness to experience vulnerability and trust in the resilience of one’s power to adapt. It requests that we accept change, loss, death, and the challenges to refine meaning in what we think we know of ourselves. The emotional catharsis of the heart is the fire of #transmutation that opens the #threshold to the psyche’s #evolution, in body. Lower the gates to your #fortress and #BridgeTheGap between heart and mind. Let embodiment inform you and generate the potency to thrive from your authentic core. Dig down into the root and illuminate a path to create, beyond fear, with the brilliance of love and trust.

Excerpts from the Writings of Julie Hightman

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