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Validation in Personal Values and Becoming the Authentic Self

#ValueSystems are the foundation of how we seek and discern validation with ourselves and the world. Throughout the maturation process of life, #validation outside oneself may have a stronger influence on the #alignment, enactment, and adherence to #DifferentValues. #Introspection to understand the purpose, benefit, detriment, and progress of these values is essential to discovering the #AuthenticSelf and clarifying the resonant #truth in one’s values as self-validation. It is important to go #BeyondValidation from others influencing the identification one feels in a value and value system. #LettingGoOfFear and indifference to expand outside the comfort zone of what we think we know of ourselves is paramount in revealing the value system that establishes success for becoming one’s most authentic self.

In childhood we are like a sponge soaking up information in the world, our family, and our closest relationships. As one grows the conceptual balancing of distinguishing who we are in the context of these relationships and the world is constantly changing, even without our awareness of it. Different friends, events, and societal trends heavily influence thoughts, feelings, and decisions we make. #Imprinting continues as a part of experiential memory, #CauseAndEffect principles, and #HowWeLearn as beings for an individual’s entire life. What we choose to analyze, integrate, and transmute in any experience will effect how we operate in similar circumstances, roles we repeat in life for self or others, and how one shares their story revealing the #values associated with it. With any imprint it is essential to ask if it resonates or “feels like ours.” Does it remind us of someone else we learned that value from or experienced that imprint with? Are we #ActingOut of this memory or imprint without really choosing to see how this action benefits or conflicts with who we are? How does one feel about the perception of value in the experience, how it pertains to others, and how it pertains to self? Initiating questions about one’s values and #ValueSystem is key to understanding oneself in order to share that #authenticity with others, for achieving success in what we align with most and seek to create, and to refine one’s capacity to respond more than react to repeated circumstances throughout life.

The value systems of an individual, generations of individuals, and larger populations in civilizations #AdvocatingFreeThought and innovation vary significantly. When considering one’s values and the experience of validation in the collective field it is most beneficial to acknowledge that differences are not always as polarized as it may initially feel. Many experiences have underlying similarities, yet all the other factors of #ConsciousAwareness or #SubconsciousImprinting change the outcome of how values are #embodied and upheld. One cannot truly judge the introspective machinations of another if they have not walked in their shoes. The act of #JudgingOthers for their values without attending to #introspection on one’s own value system and the equal willingness to seek understanding in why another upholds their values only blocks the creative opportunity to assess one’s own values more deeply, as well as, the possibility that both individual’s value systems may actually be more similar in their intent and function than assumed. By choosing to only listen to what one wants to hear or by placing oneself in a small field of influence for the sake of validation, the opportunity for self-awareness, #growth, and #refinement of values will be limited. #Opportunities to expand beyond detrimental and impertinent imprints for an individual’s personal experience of life reduces the capacity for clarifying the #AuthenticSelf and achieving #SelfValidation unattached to the validation given by others. Likewise, repeating the same acts over, and over again, based in #autopilot without #ClarityOfPurpose and values, expecting a different experience will not occur.

The strongest form of validation comes from self-validation alone, with clarity from introspection for that validation. Validation from others for confirmation of shared values is secondary yet magnifies the effect of carrying those values together. #MutualValidation is the doorway to co-creative opportunities, bestowing a sense of support and ease in unity. Differing values also open the doorway to co-creative opportunities maintaining a dynamic #GiveAndTake of acknowledgment for other possibilities and the call to innovate multidimensional value systems that achieve #MutuallySuccessfulOutcomes. The art of compromise is often only mastered by those who understand this. Different generations carry their #SeedsOfWisdom within their values. The enactment of those values may vary in strategy based on the validation by others in the population #ForBetterOrWorse. The face of change always effects the values of those involved. A new perspective proliferating for dominance may be naïve or highly informed. Without #communication with self and with others, understanding may not be achieved. A lack of honoring the wisdom others carry in their differences sets a stage for conflict and disappointment on all sides.

The goal of values is to establish a working agreement with self for how to act and be in the world. Sharing these values with others to reach an understanding of how to operate together for successful outcomes that bring #fulfillment is the path to expanding the capacity of a collective to operate in the world. If there are no values, there is little introspection or concern for innovation and like the withering of a plant in drought will come the loss of civilization. #CenterYourself in the resonance of your perceived value system. Deepen and refine the potency of your #AuthenticSelf and expand the brilliance of delightful wisdom in our collective.

Excerpts from the Writings of Julie Hightman

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