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Transformation: A Walk of Life: Part 2

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

The strength of #morale and #mortality is sustained by passion. #Passion is a form of creativity that is a sensual and sexual exchange with self or self with the world. The direction of power is fortified by passion at the core of self, capable of blossoming into hope, confidence and fulfillment in its cultivation and release. This is a self-potentiating cycle by the laws of nature.

When one feels a loss or a diminishing of #passion the perception of will is intertwined with resilience or defeat. Actively seeking out love and connection for reflection and playtime to reinvigorate release is an essential asset in the #enlightenment of our passion within. Resilience and defeat may still operate as feelings within self but be transformed into “something” more expansive and less confining subjectively. This “operable something” may be a contextual or a consistent belief for application but both are influenced and substantiated by creativity as a skillful force led by the re-enlightened passion loving connection and play have to offer. “ An opera is just black notes on paper. What makes it live? What makes the music more than just sounds.” (Dialogue of the Traveler in The OA)

Emotional catharsis is a necessary part of life and the wisdom we have to fully integrate our understanding of an experience. When we are stuck in one emotion or one mode of response we stagnate. The #WheelofLife, within self, ceases to turn efficiently and the force of creativity slows. Dynamism is no longer the rule. Stillness takes its place. This stillness can be a positive fruitful form of regenerating the well of passion and motivation within, or it can be a place of inertia in one emotion or apathy. Either way the wheel must continue to turn for that is its nature. The improvement of one’s efficiency and the cultivation of further skill when managing and sustaining creative flow requires both moments of movement and of stillness.

Every day is a new day to choose how we want to orient our self to the experience of existence. One can choose an open heart with #gratitude and graceful strength or any other emotional box of resistance. The choice to expand or contract is there in every moment. How we carry our accountability around our receptivity and willingness to resolve the dissonance or to be the dissonance affects our #integritywithself and our integrity with others. It also affects the outcome of circumstances and may be the key that opens or shuts doors in the material world we seek to manifest our dreams in and the psyche we are alone in. The stronger the resistance and dissonance we choose, the more walls we construct because creativity within must be used. Understanding that our basic program requires choice and the use of our creative self to navigate our inner and outer world emphasizes the need for attention to our intentions and the integrity of our choices.

We are co-creative beings living together on the same planet. We affect one another by the choices we make. When we are affected by the choices of others we must consider our own choices in how to orchestrate a response for a perceivable outcome. The choice for self is always present in every circumstance. Even when we feel helpless or without control, one can choose how to creatively #transform the void or the excess in a harmonious way by acknowledging the spark of life we carry at the core of #mortality.

We all have wounds and experiences that challenge our desire and will to maintain an open heart. Some wounds heal more quickly than others. Some wounds scar and remain as a reminder of something we have yet to work out. These wounds can be picked and reopened when similar circumstances arise to challenge our capacity for creative response. Other wounds remain open, weeping and swelling, demanding our constant attention and increasing our sensitivity to many things related or unrelated to the wound because pain demands attention and consumes the mind as a protective measure from further injury.

#Vulnerability is an experience when we are concerned with protection of self; protection of our wounds. Vulnerability is also an experience when we seek intimacy and deeper connection with others. How do we navigate the sense of #vulnerability effectively to achieve the intimacy we seek in the shared experience of creation when we are wounded? So many programs and rules layering on top of one another with each experience, with each healed or unhealed wound. Our resistance builds walls like a maze that our psyche travels through each day. Is it a sanctuary or a prison? Are the walls full of mirrors or windows? Perhaps neither.

Do we lash out at others or lash in at ourselves to prove the will we still have to direct and affect with?

#Vulnerability requires a delicate balance of self-protection and open heartedness. It requires open mindedness to new experiences and steady caution while navigating these experiences. When we embrace the creative spark within and acknowledge our will to direct that #passion in a giving way for sharing connection we must also open our beingness to receive. This mutual exchange is the merit of the experience. Giving and receiving may look different than we expect by the roles we take on circumstantially. Regardless of these differences, a co-creative spark is motivated and an opportunity to integrate deeper wisdom in healing our wounds for greater #intimacy with our self and others manifests.

The healing of a wound may require many things by the mind but the soul only requires acknowledgment of its creative fire. At the highest degree of #intimacy, the heart seeks the reflection of that soulful fire. It is essential to deconstruct in order to know how to let go of a dream, a belief, a wound, and experience the cathartic release of passion. By deconstructing we learn how to reconstruct and align more intimately the capacity for will, passion, vulnerability, and play that we innately carry in the experience of our sense of #mortality and #immortality.

Creativity may be used in constructive and deconstructive ways within the psyche of self and the choices we make to define, design, and refine the life we experience. We are the architects and the engineers working out the questions and negotiating contracts to build our dreams in the material world. Every relationship, every venture is a choice to seek out, to maintain, to transform, or to release. Our analysis of its purpose and how it serves us and how we serve it is essential to working out the design. Deconstructing our expectations and hypotheses is a part of perfecting our skill set to utilize the creative force within. Dismantling and discarding parts or all of a constructed idea may be necessary as a path to greater understanding and integration of an expanded view for improved efficiency and inspiring the #passiontodream and manifest and dream and manifest, etc.

If an individual is in alignment with the dynamic cycles of creation potentiating the forge of passion and directing the strength of will beyond stagnation and catharsis, #vulnerability becomes a gentle dance of trust. This trust is founded in the acknowledgment of what animates the soul and the experience of beingness. The “something” transformed is in every moment enabled by the seed of creativity, the origin of all thoughts and emotions within. The choice to say “yes” to life and new opportunities is the choice to be vulnerable and open to #intimacy with self and others by the nature of our basic mammalian programming and motivation to understand the experience of existence. Through this perpetuation of inspire-ation and the acknowledgment of the exchange intimacy gifts to us, the confidence and trust in our own capacity to heal and renew our passions is instilled.

When you are losing #morale and your #inspiration is waning, seek the reconnection of your creative soul to the engineer of the mind.

When you are questioning #mortality and lost in obscurity, seek the reconnection of your heart and soul to the co-creation of intimacy.

Clarify and redesign your art of play and your work of dreams with the eye of the #architect.

An Excerpt from the writings of Julie Hightman

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