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Tidal Echoes

"The sigh of an Angel

stirs me from sleep.

The lengthy tenderness,

a fluting voice

is soothing yet, disturbing.

A high note

of surreal sadness

beckoning for peace,

The morning sun


luminous blue hues.

The tidal ebb and flow

echoing across sands-

taking out and bringing back

subtle emotions, recycled

and rejected from the undertow.

Sweet song of an Angel

filling my soul-

longing, excitement,

and uncertainty

evade cerebral hemispheres,


like a flame, in wind.

Hands of a ghost

reaching out to grasp

remnants- open palms

burning of light,

shadows of acceptance.

Silhouette silence

centering deep

in the mind

echoing long sighs

of an Angel-

crashing to shore.

Her wings radiate,


orange anticipation

magenta emancipation-

a curious nebula

shrouding my thoughts

flowing into the skies'

oceanic wake. "


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