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A sheen of silver

sun-drops my Eye.

Intuitive phases,

I will not deny,

bring silted graces

that spark my delight.


Our land is an open road,

heartfelt- spirit told- and rooted,

I expand-

into the nothingness,

the everything.


I do not forget

the honor in my wit,

the steadfast- strong mast

of a harbored task-

so infinite.


The hide of these moccasins

are soft, yet worn.

I feel the Earth-

in every step

I am reborn.


My voice ascends

to fill the fire of Moon.

“May all loose threads

find amends-

as harmony intends.”


“One Heart, One Soul.

Be light- on your feet,

in shadows of mind.

All told, unfold-

the Sacred and Divine.”



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