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"The Witness"

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

“I see your inner child

those curious

and cautious eyes

I see the torn and cradled

parts of you

the shadows

in your mind.

I hear

the swan song


in your heart


past the quiet

of muffled passions-


in the creases

of your changing face.

All the stories

you have been spinning

in your echo chamber

drift deeper

into the mud

of your own well.

They command solitude

when you step off stage.

I see you,

Ready or not!

hiding- cloaked

behind the red curtains

peeking out

for crumbs

of solace.

Nervous laughter

clutching- at your seams

of hopeful smiles

waiting in the wings

to be set free

from the dross

of life’s memories.

The curve

of your brow calling

to be loved


like discovered treasure

in a vast sea.

I hear your soul

like sonnets

of water- trickling

secrets on stone

effigies like steam


from the fire

in your breath

And I know..

your wild song

does not meet

your tameness

of heart.


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