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The Relationship Between Confidence & Motivation

#Confidence and #motivation are essential components of progress for the self and for community. The dynamic use of creativity with confidence and motivation to achieve a goal expands the opportunities one has in life and shares with others. The #motivation for introspection meets the confidence in one’s personal perceptions and capabilities, directly related to the sense of motivation and #confidence one feels when #AspiringToAchieve. It is the introspection, to deepen our awareness, that is paramount in building the foundations of confidence and restoring the reservoir of motivation during times of ease and times of hardship. Confidence and motivation fuel one another inter-dependently, generating a sustained effectiveness to one’s endeavors.

From childhood, the imprint of our experiences may nourish or impede the foundations of one’s sense of confidence and motivation to aspire and achieve progressive goals or make effective choices that expand one’s skills for #success in life. These goals include acquiring basic needs for survival, personal desires in development and refinement of one’s personality, and goals considered to be a contribution to others in the concentric circles of community. (In order, respectively) If one does not achieve a healthy foundation of inner confidence and apply motivations to learn and succeed in the world, the supportive cycle of these two attributes for progress and fulfillment is distorted. The struggle to engage one, is compounded by a lack in the other, yet the #opportunity to harness these dynamic concepts is not lost. Acknowledging one’s creative force of existence and the passion latent within, may still act as a spark for confidence or motivation and initiate the interdependent cycle of one to the other.

Every day, every failed endeavor, and every successful #endeavor may be utilized as a doorway to invite the motivation within to progress into something aspiring and further refining. One must watch out for preconceived convictions and confirmation bias where the intent to demotivate or subdue confidence may be limiting. Seeking power beyond these detracting thoughtforms, imprinted by previous experiences, requires openness to resetting that bias. Learning and revising strategy after #affirming attention and openness is the next layer of accessing opportunity. #Opportunity is like a #chariot carrying one toward the healthy perpetuation of #confidence and #motivation. When one does not see opportunity in its simple forms, one is blinded by bias to the existence of #opportunity in other forms and other offerings. A keen eye may see a multitude of opportunities in one moment, while those who do not look at all cannot expect to see.

The evidence of success with contentment and ambition rooted in diligence to continue endeavoring new goals in life and in our awareness of self is directly relevant to the strength of one’s confidence and motivation. No matter the false starts, failures, extensive abundance, or tides of gains and losses, every individual has the choice, the power of life, to tap into a #spark of motivation. In order to develop the perception of fulfillment through earning success (in all applicable senses), an individual must feel the achievement of goals. These goals may be small and quantitative, initially, with the eventual expansion of larger goals based on grander qualitative differentiation. Either way, quantity and quality are a part of the equation when seeking the sum of fulfillment. They are a part of every choice and confidence is intricately woven into the fabric of one’s perceptions through the evidence of achievement.

Knowing the strength of #confidence and #motivation within endows an expanding sense of autonomy. #Autonomy is a gift we grant ourselves through successive development, harvested in our endeavors. This sense of autonomy is evident in the innovations and inventions of humankind. Yet, the potency of #autonomy may create attitudes of severe independence and a disconnection from the resources and factors required in our experience of #CultivatingAutonomy. Maintaining the #integrity of self-awareness and one’s effect on others in society and the natural world beyond, is essential to sustaining the co-creative relationship of existence. Releasing excessive feelings of control and self-righteousness is imperative to the perpetuation of qualitative confidence and motivation, founded in the awareness that life is not about “us” only. Life is not about your family only, humankind only, the earth only. Life is about all things existing in the physical world and all perceptions, thought or felt, in the intangible world that is inside each of us. Likewise, achievement and success are not about individual choice, alone. Nor are they about one #choice, itself. They require many elements and many choices along the path of one’s experiences. As a community, we have the power to make many choices together in the opportunities that arise. How confident we are in the understanding of our perceptions and actions in life and how motivated we are to work together to achieve group endeavors is a direct reflection of the inherent sense of autonomy in every individual.

Tides of success and failure flow in and out of individual lives and societies; as a whole. The opportunity to progress is ignited by intentional motivation and empowered by the healthy #confidence in our #WillToAchieve. It is a perpetual rhythm in the breath of existence to #aspire and #endeavor.

Excerpt from the writings of Julie Hightman

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