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The Power of Acknowledgment

In a #society built on striving and a world that invites opportunity for understanding, acknowledgment is an essential component of healthy confirmation, connection, and motivation. Directing one’s awareness to how and when #acknowledgment of self and others is due by relevance or compelled as an offering, creates the opportunity for greater clarity, growth, and mutual fulfillment. How often in a day or a week do you openly acknowledge yourself in positive ways for who you are and what you feel purpose in? How often do you acknowledge the darker, confusing, and hard parts about who you are or how your behaviors affect life around you? How often do you acknowledge these positive and negative perceptions about others in your life or in your world?

Acknowledgment is like a #mirror, a place of awareness where one cannot ignore what they witness and the beliefs that grow from that image. Honest neutral statements that express what one sees in self or another, will plant seeds for #empowerment and opportunities to feel #confirmation. Even if the acknowledgment is about a struggle or #dissonance witnessed within self or other(s), a sense of #BeingSeen and heard naturally arises. This is very different than harsh declarations that are presumptive or intend to demean oneself or other(s). The #language of true acknowledgment is always accompanied by the #intention to support an individual’s process toward fulfillment or celebrate an individual’s accomplishments. In a goal oriented society seeking #TheBottomLine, acts of acknowledgment throughout the journey to that goal are often missed and persistent deferral of opportunities to acknowledge when the framed bottom line isn’t achieved yet, is unfortunately commonplace. When we acknowledge ourselves or others the momentum of #motivation for self awareness, self trust, self introspection, and clarity for action thrives; #CultivatingUnderstanding within self, relationships with others, and confirmation of roles or purpose in one’s endeavors.

Acknowledgment can be #TheKey that opens the door when someone feels shutdown, misunderstood, or neglected. It is an offering and it is a tool for clarifying reactionary moments in conflict. It can be a powerful invitation to step into a place of honoring oneself and others. This is magnified when all individuals in any circumstance are open enough to acknowledge others for the positive attributes and intentions they are attempting to communicate or exemplify. The empowerment to collaborate, find a better way to accomplish mutual understanding, and shift the resistance around being insulted or infringed upon, increases the probability of #HarmonicOutcomes for an individual or group.

Developing the language of acknowledgment is an essential part of ensuring receptivity on delivery. Sentences that own the experience of what one is #witnessing are most productive, such as “I hear this..” “I see this about….[you, myself]” “From what I have witnessed..”. Including a follow up “check in” question if it feels pertinent in circumstances regarding compliments or understandings, such as “Do you feel or see this?” “Do you agree?” creates mobility and mutuality in the exchange. This approach to #communication can shift ones entire view of self, others, and world-views at any given time in this journey of life. Acknowledgement is part of #HealthyReinforcement for the #foundations of self, endeavors in #relationship with others, and roles of purpose that arise and shift in any dream we seek to create. The toil of blood, sweat, and tears, the constant laboring to provide and procure for self, and/or others, and the insidious toll on mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing that comes with #surviving, #striving, and #recognizing fulfillment in our #CreativeProcess can feel like a #HamsterWheel or a #marathon, draining a sense of #purpose, without moments of acknowledgment from oneself and from others witnessing or taking part in the fruit of our labors.

Even if that mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual fruit isn’t ripe, every integral part is worth acknowledging. From preparing the ground, to sowing the seed, to each stage of tending that ensures replenishment at its peak. There will always be loss, failed plantings, and unforeseen conditions that change the needs of any #growth process. It is especially then, that acknowledgments can be #TheWeightedFeather that balances or tips the scales, in favor of #PassionToEndure and #Surrender to the transformative cycles of #beingness. Defer the preconceiving judge and take the time to witness. Let your heart and mind be open to receive and clarify your intentions. Let respect and acknowledgment for the experience of humanness guide communication and behold the way- to integrity- to honor all in creation.

-Excerpts From the Writings of Julie Hightman

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