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The Constellation Effect in Self and Relationships

As we dream into the night sky, the stars illuminate patterns on the canvas of existence. Our mind’s eye connects the dots and whole narratives unfold for the influence of perception; allegories to our experience, no matter how young or old. The common denominator is always the one listening, being affected, seeking wisdom in the overlay of one story to another, and these stories to oneself. This is a #constellation. It is one field of connection among infinite fields of connection on the backdrop of a unified verse.

#Relationships are constellations. They are fields of connection across space with narratives that unfold between the self and the non-self, self with self, self with others, others with others, and non-others with others. The “non-” is inanimate, conceptual thought unattached from emotion, inorganic forms, and inventions in existence that one feels a relationship to. Relationship can include non-attachment, denial, and disregard to any animate being, inorganic form, or a concept under the title of “non-“. The origin of all things is the same and relationships are inherent because of this. This means that the more one accesses the deepest source and wisdom of the #AuthenticSelf, the more #clarity and refinement of #intention will potentiate and magnetize the relationships that support, protect, nourish, and heal the experience as well as the #manifestation of one’s personal narrative. This is the art of #witnessing, learning from, and redesigning your own constellations throughout life, #illuminating the sky of your mind.

In the everyday life, constellations effect how we feel about ourselves, how one gravitates towards certain #PatternsInRelationship with others, #beliefs that control the #perceptions in one’s reality, and events that bring outcomes based on intention and #AwarenessOfSelf and/or others. The correlation between lifestyle, work, and stress, between dreams to achieve for self, family, the world, are a woven fabric that reveals patterns of self. These can each be broken down into simple 1:1 relationship for analysis of how they function and whether they are serving the deepest sense of self. These relationships can be illuminated and redesigned by shifting one’s #orientation to them, opening a path for the image and the story perceived, to #change. Stories like these are everyday but may be commonly undervalued besides the glorified tales of heroism. It is naturally within #consciousness to sort, process, integrate, and refine approaches to life with greater efficiency, no matter how mundane or daunting the task. All sentient beings exhibit this ingenuity. The art applies when attention to this process is cultivated and the will to precision is pursued.

In every constellation an #EffectIsExponential. Shifting the orientation to one point of reference #ripples out across every other connection causing some degree of awareness and association. The catalyst is the acute comprehension of a choice, the feeling out of how a relationship to a belief, other, non-other, or self, is in service to one’s dream. #TheDream birthed from the origins of the psyche for the narrative of one’s life and their role in existence. Relationships are cords of connection that resonate with how often and what one gives to them. This is how they #survive, #thrive, or #FadeAndDie. For better or worse is a subjective question only an individual can answer directly. It may be echoed by others with subjective feelings about the connection indirectly, but the echo may not come, nor is it required; of the non-self, other, or non-other at the opposite end of the cord in question. Changing a relationship or refining alignment within a constellation may require the simplest task of saying “#yes” or “#no”, or a phrase that declares the truth in the heart of how one feels and how one wants to feel, how one wants to heal, or how one seeks to overcome, to release, or to attain. The #PowerOfTruth in one’s voice combined with the will to feel and redefine orientation to what is illuminated in one’s body-mind, seeds the #activation of intention.

The relationship of an individual to their own intentions is not an exception to clarifying and #manifesting #TheDream of the psyche and one’s role in existence. This may be the most essential treasure that reveals the origins of the #AuthenticSelf and its connection to the source of the #universe. The perception of time itself creates a field of constellations to access #WithinTheMindAndHeart that defines and structures a narrative, yet its role is always subject to an individual’s orientation to it. The graceful embrace or the #FearOfTime and the attachment or detachment to grace, fear, or time, are all cords in a field of constellation interdependent and interacting with one another. It is abstract and yet distinguishable by the #LanguageOfFeeling and the #LanguageOfSeeing. Learning to #communicate these tangible sensations is the framework of #SentientEmbodiment.

The net work of friends, family, social contacts, and romantic relationships are more complex constellations, subjectively speaking. The influence of these cords in one’s life have some of the most lasting effects, influencing and manipulating the vision of oneself in many ways that may support or hinder an individuals connection to their #DeepestOrigins; the #AuthenticSelf. Yet, the allowance of this by #LackOfAwareness or #ActiveAwareness is dependent on attention to self and a willingness to query for intentional refinement. Seeking honor, transparency, and ingenuity consolidates the will to harness one’s own creative #empowerment in order to direct their #PersonalNarrative. The work of constellation is a #multidimensional process. It is a conceptualization of life happening #EveryMoment with the viewer as the ultimate #PointOfRelativity. Understanding this reveals #TheMirror of #ThoughtAndEmotion, of #EventsAndOutcomes, that flow in a feedback system resonant in the cords of an individual’s relationship to all other perspectives in the #WebOfConsciousness. It is #karma and #dharma. It is cause and effect and it is polarity of opposites along with the #OriginsOfUnity.

Reach out into the sky of mind and deep to the peace in your heart. Feel the frequency of every moment in relationship with your authentic self. Let this resonance guide ingenuity to see higher planes of relativity and witness a symphony of stars unveil each path to harmony.

Excerpts from the Writings of Julie Hightman

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