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Silent Thoughts

"The East Wind blows

a glaucous shade of bloom,

on every needle waving,

dancing for the light.

The salient and valiant dawn

cresting o'er hills-

mountainous vitality.

All sentient thoughts

rest within the smolder,

aging her reflection-

a pool of wisdom,


in azure atrium.

The East Wind blows

her archway open,

beckoning, howling,

"Let your petals fall.

Bloom into the opening,

unbind the sepals

of your sanguine soul."

A burning heart bursts

beyond the dark.

The warm honey of her globe

rising in song,

enlightening the world-

and her own.

And the East Wind blows

with delight, cajoling,

rolling through her atrium,

unearthing the zephyr,

bound by silent thoughts.


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