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Shaman's Walk

I long for the sacred triangle

to awaken its Eye,

peer down upon me,

to be taken

into the radiant wings of Scarab,

vitalized by Sun.

O Ra!

O Nana Buluku!

Swallow me into the Serpents mouth

So that I may travel the length

his iridescent scales


Breathe in his rainbow mist.


I will come forth

with fresh eyes of wonder,


deliberation, and wisdom.

I will burn immensely

with flames of Sun

and glow softly

with waters of Moon.

Let me stand as a mirror

to any eyes that look

to any invaders,

flushed with disdain,

that they may see themselves

~360* of possibility~

reflected in a center of relativity.

I am with Age of Quartz

the essence of crystalline,

rutilated, double terminated,

a symbol of Co-creation,



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