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Projection and How We Affect What We Manifest

#ProjectionOfTheMind is a part of everyday life. As cerebral beings we are #programmed to receive information, formulate structures for that information through analysis and organization, then #manifest action from those structures. #Projection is a tenuous and many times inaccurate process as we assess and fine tune our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, enacting them in our endeavors of existence. This occurs in the hierarchy of conscious states from survival mode to greater opportunities to live beyond primary needs, shifting ones focus more and more to expanding thoughts in ideals and away from basic struggles for the security of food and shelter. #Projection can act to #manifest outcomes in an individual’s life that perpetuate or shift a narrative that creates harmony or conflict. Once externalized, these projections affect our relationship to goals and connection with others. Understanding how projection is a major factor in every moment of our experience is essential to recognizing how our projections, clear or distorted, are serving or hurting us in our everyday life.

#AwarenessOfSelf is an essential task and a skill to be cultivated for #mastery of progressive fulfillment in our perceptions of self, relationship with others, and accomplishments in the world. Fine tuning our awareness requires dedication and effort to evolve with greater efficiency in our analysis of information and the structures of belief we exist in and act from. When we turn our attention to the #multidimensional concept of projection, it is like stepping into a #MazeOfMirrors. Each reflection is a reflection of self ”as it is”, “as it could be”, and “as one believes it should be.” Then there are the #reflections of possibility for how to receive and how to respond to each circumstance or the input of information from our experience coming through. The program breaks down and defines the direction to lead our thoughts, emotions, and actions forward to manifest the next outcome in the narrative. The hall of mirrors can be an overwhelming place, inciting fear and frustration that can be entrapping or too much to even enter at all for individuals that struggle with #introspection, sorting, organizing, and coordinating the impulses that are innate to human thought and emotion. #Resistance is a natural factor in the process of evolution. Resistance will arise as a subtle or intense pressure depending on the capacity of every individual to filter, sort, and organize their external life circumstances and internal perceptions of self within those circumstances. Whether or not one chooses to acknowledge projection as a gear in the mechanism of their life, #resistance will exist. Expanding one’s clarity of how projections of self, others, and the circumstances one faces can reduce the experience of resistance, as well as, protect and balance the amount of resistance from one’s own projected perceptions that affect the outcomes and repeat storylines in one’s personal narrative. This enables the use of projection as an empowering influence for more successful outcomes that nourish the self and progress one’s narrative in more harmonious ways.

Discerning projection requires the acknowledgment of self-power and self-responsibility in the ways and means of our role in the outcomes of our personal story. Revealing one’s beliefs about the identity of self, the ideals for self, and how these two aspects are being applied and operated from is the first step to discerning how one affects their life, #manifesting conflict or harmony that rules each experience. Balance and compassion are essential to aligning the identity of self and the ideal of self, as one projects their thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and choices in the world. #Distortion and perceived failures arise from lack of awareness or the imbalance of one’s beliefs about identity and what they actualize in the world that is unclaimed or disowned as “not self” when the source is rooted from within. If one denies the opportunity to sort out the resistance within and acts without awareness of self, any face from the maze of mirrors has the opportunity to project. Most often, imprinted paths of response based on previous experiences will dominate one’s projections in circumstance. These templates are refined through #introspection and awareness in order to define new structures of response that compel one to act differently in the #evolution of self-identity and #EmpoweredAccountability for the narrative of one’s life. As one cultivates greater awareness of self-identity, expectations of self and others, and programmed responses that influence perceptions and actions at each stage of one’s journey, the potency of intention and empowered humility has the opportunity to build a healthy skill in the manifestation of experiences. Acknowledging that reaching clarity beyond #distortion is a practice everyday is key to releasing resistance and inspiring continued effort for aligning one’s perceptions of self in the world to one’s #IdealsOfSelf in the world.

All relationships with other individuals in life increase the demand for clarifying projections of self and projections of others. The closer one is to other individuals, the more pressure one may feel in the exchange of ideas, feelings, beliefs, and therefore choices. Discerning projection is imperative for strength and liberation when enduring conflict and embracing the invitation of co-creation as one commits to the exploration of #manifesting fulfilling outcomes for more than self. When applying ones understanding of self-projection and the perceived projections of others greater skill in #communication can be derived. This requires #patience, #compassion, #devotion, and #forgiveness for the process of #evolution we are each influenced by. It is important to break bad habits of assumption, by remembering to be curious of the why and how of our own perceptions and the perceptions of others. Every individual has a different maze of mirrors to work with and different capacities for introspection, sorting, and organizing awareness of self and others. Choosing #discernment instead of judgment and refining one’s filter for how one receives and responds confirms integrity with #accountability for self. This allows one to honor the needs for self in an empowered way that does not seek to dominate the process of others.

Projections are a part of self, others, and “the world as we know it.” #Projection can lead us deep into a maze of self where confusion and despair take over and it can lead us out of the maze with clear intention to manifest one’s evolving capacity for fulfillment with self and with others in community. Other helpful tools for refining projections include journaling, reflecting, affirmations, and mantras. #Awareness of how one aligns and applies the balance of the perceived self and the actualized self, offers expandable skills in strategizing how and what one manifests. Re-tuning one’s filter of projections can support the release and transmutation of #LimitingBeliefs such as #judgement, #victimization, disparity consciousness, and #TheExperienceOfSuffering perceived through one’s lifetime. Self-limiting beliefs that create more #resistance and more suffering are a hallmark of the #MazeOfMirrors. The way through the maze is through re-orienting to a #StateOfMind that encourages curiosity and learning. One that allows for win-win and win or learn perceptions of experience for better future outcomes. This is how one rewrites the patterns of their own personal narrative.

#Empower the narrative perceived by discerning projection’s seed. Refine the programs within to manifest from clarity and cultivate the skill to co-create responsibly.

Excerpt from the Writings of Julie Hightman

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