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Paths to Intimacy through Authenticity

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

The #PathToIntimacy is a journey in #learning, #understanding, and sharing experiences with another through embracing the #DeeperValue of connection with self and each other. Intimacy is most often created in our closest and longest #relationships. This includes family, friends, and romantic partners. It is not about sexual union, although preceding associations in religion and society have simplified it to this. Truly intimate relationships are founded in #MutualTransparency and #MutualRespect with another. Honesty and deeper connection with the authentic self is a prerequisite to establish true intimacy with others. These #foundational elements create a #sustainable invitation to witness one another and share devotion in support of growth for each individual through life experiences. The perpetuation of #confidence, curiosity, #effort for creative problem solving in times of distress, and #loyalty to shared values are all #interdependent elements for the #evolution of trust in order to strengthen the bonds of intimacy.

When one or more of these elements are lost, a sense of separation and loss of intimacy is felt to some degree. Distinguishing what feels compromised or lost in a #connection when this occurs is essential to refining #communication for both individuals. #Intimacy is a braided cord woven through the act of #witnessing, #discernment, compassionate communication, clarity of values, shared codes of loyalty, and defined expectations. Many other fibers of one’s being are threaded into the cords of intimacy. The present, nostalgic, or future imagery an individual carries about self or with other affects the tension and resistance in this braided cord. This is why discovering the #AuthenticSelf through #MindfulAwareness in patterns of behavior, thought, desire, and resistance is not only foundational, but integral to the successive experience of intimacy.

Authenticity is an experience we perpetuate and learn to embody once freed from resistance to vulnerability. The pearls of #introspection and reflection on the experiences of and with others, grants an individual greater opportunities to manifest more fulfilling outcomes in life. These outcomes strengthen perceptions of healthy continuity when witnessing self and relationships with others. Choosing #vulnerability with an open heart opens the door to empowering more meaningful, enduring, and co-creative connection, while balanced practices of interdependence safeguard the will of the authentic self. Intimacy increases a sense of security and strength in the bonds we hold sacred. Knowing and sharing one’s true self is the beginning of the path to intimacy with oneself as well as with another. If we cannot be transparent and intimate with ourselves through introspection, we cannot offer this to others.

Intimacy is an experience most, if not all, humans crave. Even if #resistance to life, #DenialOfSelf, and abstaining from inter-relational moments with others has become the norm for someone taught this behavior or reacting to the #hardships of life, the authentic self within still craves to be seen and valued. #Choosing the long walk of healing and re-learning ways of being will begin to reveal this calling for connection, appreciation of understanding, and value in mutual confidence. #ChoosingIntimacy means choosing #vulnerability to the loss of intimacy and the cathartic emotions of the grieving process that come with that loss.

Once intimacy is created, the goal is to sustain the experience and #trust of that intimacy as #sacred with self and with others. Even if the degrees of #intimacy change form throughout the journey to define and refine the #AuthenticSelf on an individuals personal journey or between both individuals in a relationship, the appreciation and #intention to remain steadfast in the effort to re-create #devotion to self or with another in relationship must be retained in order to return to a deepened sense of intimacy through self-knowing, self-value, and sharing that self with others. When all sense of intimacy feels lost with another, it is important to honor the value of what was shared, even if it is no longer in alignment with one’s present journey. Through continued #acknowledgement, the sacred potency of that #LostIntimacy may continue to serve the authentic self in the next stages of #growth and #DeeperUnderstanding of the path we all share as sentient beings in human form.

Would you have rather foregone the experience than receive this #gift? There are trade-offs in every moment one chooses to create. Can you assess the #TradeOffs of your choices and what has been learned to #RefineYourChoices and trade-offs as you move forward? Holding onto the #illumination empowers greater degrees of #honesty and intimacy with self and others as every individual learns how to #manifest and effectively co-create #fulfillment in the experience of life. The #PathToIntimacy is how we deepen our reflection of self through the eyes of others and discern a core sense of knowing that withstands superficial #judgments, #misperceptions, and the weathering of life events. #ChoosingIntimacy is an active embrace of the #AlchemicalTransformation inherent in #relationship with humans and the forces of nature.

~Unfold the sacred petals of your soul through the light of the heart and sustain the effort to perpetuate compassionate interdependence. Create invitation for discovery, healing, and evolution to succeed on the path of intimacy. ~

Excerpts from the Writings of Julie Hightman


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