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On Worthiness

Worthiness is an experience created by the values and reflections an individual carries about themselves and the world. #Worthiness is a feeling that cannot be given to you. It can only be illuminated within by acts of acknowledgment. #Acknowledgement of self-value is the primary foundation of any #feeling, #emotion, or #thought within self that has meaning and #purpose. Acknowledgment from others in the framework of our lives is secondary to the #foundations of feeling esteem in one’s worthiness. Receiving this influence from others can only occur if one allows their influence to have an affect on the core construct of how one #values self. #WorthinessIsAChoice, a choice to honor that oneself has meaning and purpose. It is an act of will that protects and inspires every individual to trust their inherent value in life, no matter the experiences of #InternalConflict and external perceptions or recognitions by other individuals.

The experience of worthiness can take many dimensions throughout life circumstances, perceived #FailuresAndSuccesses in endeavors for self, interpersonal #relationships that are supportive, abusive, or neglectful, and emotional overwhelm in life phases with high demand for learning, processing, and applying one’s #truth. The essence of self-value trumps every outcome in life whether perceived consciously or subconsciously by an individual. Acknowledging one’s own #SelfWorth and understanding how it is defined and distinguished within oneself is elemental to utilizing and remembering one’s own power during life experiences that challenge, disregard, and/or degrade the feeling of #worthiness. Worthiness is the truth of one’s own will to stand in their own power. By honoring the core of oneself as always worthy, no matter the failures or denials in life or by others, worthiness can act as a shield to fortify the #boundaries of self from the attack of others and a lantern to #illuminate the path for attainment beyond the current construct of circumstances. Self-value, the acknowledgment of one’s will to choose, and #empowerment to seek fulfillment for self in the world as an individual, defines an individual’s perception of #sovereignty.

Sovereignty is the recognition that one is an individual, separate from other individuals in the world and the narrative of experiences that perpetuate in a life. Sovereignty is the compliment to #CollectiveUnity in the dualistic design of current consciousness. #Polarization is a natural occurrence to grasp understandings of the working parts within the design of duality. Yet, #balance and dynamic flow in the relationship of the duality perceived, consistently reveal themselves as the most successful approach to harnessing both polarities. Therefore, sovereignty and collective unity are essential to fulfillment and the evolution of consciousness within self. Acknowledging the will and worthiness to stand in sovereignty and to work with co-creating in collective unity supports the evolution of consciousness for self, others, and the world. The #ConstellationEffect harnesses and reveals the balance or imbalance for how an individual is aligned in the dance of self-value, acknowledgment of will, and empowerment to seek fulfillment. The concept of constellation is how an individual orients beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and acts in their own personal narrative as well as the interpersonal relationships with other individuals, endeavors, or inanimate aspects of experience.

As #polarization occurs within oneself, #relationships with others, or to the #world, the degree of polarity greatly effects the whole of global #consciousness. Perceptions of #entitlement, selfishness, #victimization, and acquiescence, #conformity, or #denial are just some of the concepts and feelings that arise to be faced, clarified, and responded to, in order to work out the experience of sovereignty and collective unity, self-value and collective value, worthiness and feelings of defeat. Moving through the #SmokeAndMirrors effect of individual and collective #projection is imperative to harmonizing the constructs of everyone’s future. Finding clarity and heart wise solutions for the path forward requires stepping out of the milieu of internal and external #fears, #judgments, and reactionary behaviors. Centering in the core of one’s deepest values for self, others, and the world, as having meaning and purpose to understand, is an act of honoring the #AuthenticSelf. Honoring the authentic self does not require input from others or the narratives of the world. Listening to the profound #wisdom of the authentic self creates #sacred relationship based in the strength of self-love and self-worth. This perpetuates the #empowerment of one’s gift of life and creativity.

Here in the forge of that sacred self, an individual may #nourish, #purify, #regenerate, and redesign the constructs of their #PersonalNarrative and work to manifest the balance of perceptions within self, interpersonal relationships, or projections from collective consciousness. The #AuthenticSelf accepts its own worthiness and the worthiness of others. The balanced truth of self-value, value of others, and the value of the world is applied through acts of #witnessing, #compassion, and empowering efforts to attain harmony and fulfillment for the sovereign self and the collective. Understanding and harnessing the polarities of the mind is extracurricular and simultaneously informative to the alignment of an individual’s acknowledgment for their own self-value, will in #choice, and empowerment to seek fulfillment. Regardless of the outcomes, environmental factors, and beliefs of others in an individual’s personal narrative, the power of worthiness is the light of vitality crystallized within, by the acknowledgment and acceptance of oneself.

Listen deep to the fire in the forge of your heart. Attend to the essence of self-love and purpose. Mend the mind to reveal the magic of will and embrace sacred relationship with the authentic self.

Excerpts from the Writings of Julie Hightman

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