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Lotus Blessings Empowerment Meditation

It is recommended that you consider recording meditation transcripts in a Voice Memo App and listen to them in order to achieve an empowering self-guided visualization.

Standing with feet shoulder width apart, close your eyes and take a moment to notice your breath. Feel your feet magnetized to the earth with a lightness in gravity. Deepen your next inhale for 5 counts through the nose, exhaling for 7 counts out of the nose.

Continue to breathe this way as you release any attachment to thoughts or feelings cycling within. See your vessel illuminated in a nature sanctuary of your choosing. Notice the feel of the ground, the climate, any sounds, or other elements in your surroundings.

Begin to notice the warmth and tingling in the soles of your feet. Violet orbs begin to grow and expand on the top of your feet as the white roots of light extend deep into the earth, calling in the essence of Source for new life and strength to grow.

The petals of lotus begin to unfold on the surface of your feet. With a bright white and golden center, defining the grace and confidence in each step forward beyond this moment. Inhale the light up from your toes, through your legs, and into your pelvic bowl. Continue raising that light up into your heart where it branches into your neck and head- and across the shoulders, down the arms, to the palms of your hands- reaching each fingertip.

Exhale, feeling the orbs of light birthing from your palms and unfurling into yellow and white tipped lotus flowers with a center of violet and pink. Holding the light of love and gratitude, breathe into the sensations vibrating your heart and mind.

Acknowledge the gifts you carry to offer the world, the one’s you care for, and to yourself.

Create the sound “ssssshhhhh”??? for approximately 9 counts.

Call up the laughter in your deepest well of beingness and let it magnify this moment of being in body, in witness to self, with compassion for the path ahead- as it is revealed to you.

Deep breath in- Exhale into the environment around you, radiating that light to all those that you love and that love you.

Deep breath- Exhale back into the core of your being, slowly opening your eyes. Awaken, into this time and space.

Guided Meditations by Julie Hightman

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