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Heart Clearing Meditation

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Find a quiet place to sit or stand. You want to be upright in order to move the energy in this meditation.

Take a deep breath in, exhaling fully to settle in. Become aware of your body only. With each breath, quiet the mind- releasing any distraction, cyclical thoughts, or concerns beyond this moment as they arise.

Focus on the center of your belly and the central column of light flowing up and down your spine-

From the root of your tailbone to the crown of your head. Notice how this flow radiates and gathers behind your belly button, beneath your ribcage, and around your heart. See the light shift from red-orange to yellow orange to green with a deep purple center once it reaches the heart. The warm colors radiate around this green essence in shades of pink and blue.

Notice any tension in your body, particularly the neck, chest, and belly. Actively open and relax your fingers and toes. Then begin to stroke your arms, one at a time, from shoulder to hand. Take a few moments to shake your hands out before moving on to the next step.

Inhale- drawing one hand to your heart and one hand to your belly- Exhale- into your hands from your body. Feeling the warmth build, Inhale again. Begin to feel a sound stuck in your throat- let it out as you exhale. Repeat with a deeper and deeper inhale allowing a longer exhale of sound until you feel the urge leave your mind and throat.

Sit for a period of 7 breaths, allowing your senses to show you where you feel stuck in your heart.

Then, begin to lightly tap, with the tip of your 2nd and 3rd fingers, using one or both hands. Tap in the areas that are calling for attention. (You can tap with more vigor if it calls to you) Listen to your body and the rhythm of tapping that feels releasing. You should feel a warm vibration building that leads you to your final tap-

Now rub your chest and sternum with an open palm, moving in circles. Exhale- pushing the breath out of your belly and chest with a “hehhh” or “hahhhh” sound. Imagine that energy returning to the creative fires of the earth to be recycled and transformed.

If you feel called to tone in the key of A, B, or C let yourself do this now.

Notice the openness in your throat and central channel. Begin to stroke your arms again, one by one from shoulder to hand- shaking your hands at the end- still envisioning the energetic return to the earth for transmutation.

Breathing normally, notice the earth beneath your feet, letting gravity align your spine and gently ground you into the present moment.

Meditations By Julie Hightman

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