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Grid of Protection Meditation

Before, during or after this meditation, taking a walk in nature, practicing yoga, or qi gong is recommended to enhance the physical experience of your spirits wisdom in body.

Take a deep breath in, calling that breath down your central column into the root of the spine. -Exhale-

Letting that breath expand around your upper body. –Inhale- Expanding your center and calling this breath down into the depths of your fingers and toes, grounding you into the Earth, the source of all human nourishment.

Continue to take deep long breaths- inhaling to a count of 5- exhaling to a count of 6- Letting each breath expand your being, define the borders and boundaries of self. Extend a force field of light around you, fortifying the strength of that field around your personal vessel.

Take a moment to notice the warmth in and around you, like a blanket of comfort and protection. Allow the stillness in your mind and heart to take over as you bathe in this vibrational field.

Let your senses open to receive and deliver this potency to the heart and mind- regenerating any wholeness. Let any weakness, confusion, anger, pain, or fear dissolve- as your inner cup fills with trust in self and the strength of your own integrity. Witness and tend to your being in this moment seeing yourself fully integrated and consolidated.

Inhale---Exhale--- in this presence of self.

Call out the discernment required to define and align any boundaries that have been crossed, deferred, or overwhelmed by any external sources. Call out the names of anything or anyone who has sought to breakdown your boundaries or take power from your sense of self. Define your boundary to each of them in your mind’s eye as you hover in the sacred well of your own light body.

See them each acknowledging this or being rebuffed by this grid of protection you carry around you at all times. Feel the resonance of each defined boundary reflecting back to your heart and mind the sovereignty of your own nature.

Nothing and no one can penetrate this grid without your permission.

Inhale---Exhale—Breathe for a cycle of 5 breaths. Turn your attention back to the glowing warmth of your light field emanating from the core of your body with clarity and ease. Honor your intuition and engage receptivity as each experience aligns to show you a path forward, teaching you the art of sustaining sovereignty in the authenticity of your own spirit.

Inhale—calling the light of this field to hold for any length of time you request, in a specific location or in objects you carry as an extension of self such as a stones, jewelry, a candle, a keychain etc. This is especially helpful when there is an increased need for protection.

Inhale-- Know that you carry this light within and around you in every moment. --Exhale—

Feel your feet grounded and stable on the earth beneath you, uplifting and aligning you on your path forward, nourishing you to sustain presence of heart and mind as you navigate the highest good for all in each moment you encounter.

Meditations By Julie Hightman

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