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From Shadows to Light

The sharp cut of a knife

can dull the senses- overtime.

The soft edge of a flower

can awaken them- in one breath.

Heartbeats flicker

and jump- either way.

The difference is..

one long inspiration

or many clipped- unfulfilled

inhales- never releasing,

holding onto the pain

without surrender.

The lungs expand

to let light in-

dissolving the shadows

of stifled emotion.

Darkness gathers- like webs

guarding neglected pieces,

savoring the emptiness.

And.. muddled hope thrives

in the echo of sighs-

pushing itself-

up from the earth,

blossoming with humility,

and reaching-

for the sun.

The face of it’s petals

reflects radiant rays-

of triumph.


deep to the root.


the shadows cast

behind its form.

Hope- is How

Oppressed People Endure.

Who or what is oppressing you?

Are you oppressing yourself?


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