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Forest of Time

Rain patters and trickles

down thick moss- Embracing bark

defined by irregularity, Emblems of

past storms and malnutrition.

Sun illuminates green velvet

Symbiotic to wounded flesh

infusing photosynthetic minerals

protecting weakened skin.

A flexible armor

Unrestricted and versatile

with Time- moving gracefully.

The entity growing outwardly

nourished by the damp breath

of Earth.

Reaching tall into the sky

A beacon of ecstasy

arms unfolding, fingers unfurl

The delicate wake of each change

is noticed only, by the Wind-

Dancing in the tresses

pervading the Web

of New life, New love

Its fervor for the Sun

defies each Shadow

Gyrating into the rhythm

of each welling Storm

-Strengthening the roots-

Cultivating cosmic perception

Reaching into the molten core

to saturate and exude

Its ultimate essence

Passion engaging

every cell with Vitality

As the flames ignite every

Desire to Overcome.


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