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Finding Your Center Within the Duality of Mind and Life

Life is full of #patterns. In its most simplistic design, the pattern of #duality is revealed. The #divergence from one thought or one experience makes possible the perception of many other layers in our thoughts and experiences. The actions that lead from the design of those perceptions create new context in their outcomes that motivate further construction and foundation for the patterns we ultimately live by. The complexity of perceptions inspired beyond this duality can lead one down many rabbit holes of rationale. Finding and returning to one’s #CenterOfTruth in the tug of war duality and its myriad of perceptual construction may influence in the mind, is essential to maintaining a sense of #balance in #TimesOfChange and events that challenge one’s inherent #StructuresOfBelief.

The deepest layers of biology drive thoughts and actions for survival ie. protection and nourishment. After these two are established and sustainable the design of rationale shifts to more subjective considerations around whether a thought, action, or opportunity for experience is beneficial or detrimental to the narrative one has come to believe through the process of achieving survival success. The narrative begins to take on new forms through active pursuit of subjective ideals. These #BeliefsAndIdeals may be heavily guarded by the structures of duality. Most human beings would agree that there is an inherent #RightAndWrong when it comes to #morality specifically. Where did this perception come from? What context is one basing right and wrong out of? Has the concern for right and wrong become our base assessment of any subjective experience one has?

If #duality is a base design of thought and experience, like light and shadow, or sound and silence, how did the perception of accuracy in one’s alignment to #RightAndWrong come about? Perhaps the narrative of religion defines this, or the laws declared by culture and society are the origin of acceptance. Perhaps, it is inherent in the construct of the brains evolution and grasped through the process of #MindfulAwareness. It seems that right vs. wrong is far more conditional and easily manipulated by the perceptions of the mind in contrast to the pure neutral duality of the experiential light, shadow, sound, and silence. To be conditional in one’s mental rationale is paralleled by the dual opportunity to be unconditional; #ToJudgeOrNotJudge, to have #attachment to an idea or belief vs #detachment to an idea or belief. The point is that the true #PatternsOfDuality in existence are inherently neutral unless the perception is applied to them as right or wrong; acceptable or unacceptable. They are as inevitable as life and death, regardless of how one feels about it.

Unveiling the practical function of duality is essential because it creates an opportunity to redefine our terms and understanding of those terms to a more neutral beginning in the design of our personal construct of beliefs, beyond the initial moments of #divergence when assessing an idea, action, or possibility. Consider the use of beneficial or detrimental, harmonic or dissonant, and aligned or not aligned. These terms open up the dimensional awareness of conditionality with consideration for how ideas or beliefs serve one’s perceived path to achieving greater ease in the process of survival and beyond this to many subjective layers of thinking and feeling. Through this refining of terms and #acceptance of duality, the cycle of return to one’s #CenterOfTruth may be imprinted with greater ease and less

conflict of rationale.

As a species advancing in conscious awareness there are many opportunities and challenges to the framework one lives from. The tug of war within spurs us to choose each fork in the road of the paths we walk. The imprints of outside voices and events can be overwhelming and obscuring of our own true nature, especially when many are living from the un-agreed upon conditionality of right vs wrong. The most #GracefulWay to quiet the noise outside or within is to release attachment to the experiences during one’s #InnerConflict long enough to ask the questions of one’s knowing heart and bodily instinct. Does this align with me?

How does this thought or belief serve me at this time? How does it serve me in the future?

Is this thought or ideal mine or someone else’s?

#BodilyAwareness is key. The resonance of feeling sensation in the chest, belly, and head are most common when seeking the uplift of “#yes” or the dense pressure of “#no.” There are times when these sensations occur simultaneously in the same or different parts of the body. When this happens it’s ok to acknowledge the answer is inconclusive and ask again at another time. Sometimes our integration and understanding is still digesting and the simplistic #yes or #no is not currently conducive to that process. More investigation of one’s #beliefs, #ideals, #resistance, or ignorance to information may be required for #clarity in the assessment. This is the beautiful journey of expanding #ConsciousAwareness.

Finding one’s #CenterOfTruth is the essential embodiment of one’s #integrity for how they create and direct themselves in the world. Knowing and maintaining #connection to the core of self enables more profound understanding in the truths of others while securing #accountability for self and the #empowerment to co-create more #EffectiveCommunication. This in turn supports the refinement of design in personal and shared structures of ideals and beliefs. Come into the core of your inner knowing and embrace the cord of truth. Release the pressures of rationale and unify beyond the #divisiveness of duality, to listen. #SeekBalance in service to self and innovation

in the service to others.

Excerpts from the Writings of Julie Hightman

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