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Discerning Projection and Healthy Communication

#Communication is the cornerstone of human consciousness that stabilizes expansion and growth into other aspects of #awareness that open the door to what and how we manifest as individuals and as a collective. Communication with self and #communication with others to enable opportunities for success in our endeavors is essential. In the awareness of each moment. #Projection of one’s thoughts and feelings in every context of experience is imperative for #HealthyCommunication. #Discernment of how these projections affect self and others requires curiosity in the awareness of self and others.

Healthy communication allows clarity, openness to working with differing or opposing perceptions and intentions for positive outcomes. This requires #CompassionForSelf and compassion for others in the process of #DiscerningProjection and the path we are all on to understanding what it is to be human, how to #PushTheLimits of our perceptions, and the cultivation of the many evolving dimensions of consciousness. #Discernment is different than #judgment when assessing thoughts and feelings discernment is an objective acceptance of context, factors, and personal conclusions that releases the concept of right vs. wrong and the impulse to blame, shame, guilt, or condemn that #judgment asserts. From a place of discernment one can more accurately assess belief patterns in self and others how they function to create harmonic or dissonant outcomes. Harnessing one’s awareness of #projection from old #BeliefPatterns, experiential imprints, #PassionateIdeals, and #HiddenDesires is the key to acting in every moment with #accountability and #adaptability. When projections are clarified as an active element in each context one’s precision for #SuccessfulOutcomes is substantially strengthened. Even if the outcome of a circumstance is not what we intended or desired the knowledge of self and how to orient oneself based on the discernment of projections of self and others and the effort of #HealthyCommunication enacted is #AlchemicalGold. Every experience no matter the suffering carries its pearl. This pearl teaches us there is always #LightWithinDarkness, a seed of beauty in the mundane, an ember of #gratitude beneath grief, and a chapter of wisdom in the book of growth beyond surviving.

Human beings have proven over the ages on earth their persistence to create, harness resources, and establish complex structures of #communication to enlarge and expand the concepts of civilization. Much of this #productivity has been directed outside the self with a gradual deepening of internal awareness for the effect our actions have on self, mentally and emotionally, connections with others, and the environment we co-exist in. In the 20th century much of the modern world accomplishments have enabled and stimulated #introspection of the individual beyond concerns of the collective. With this shift has come greater challenges to discerning the increased #projections that arise during the expansion of one’s conscious awareness of self and eventually others. The mind is like a computer uploading and downloading files constantly. More RAM is required to sustain continued input and proper organization of that input. Introspection is like #defragmenting the files of one’s software and upgrading the capacity to function with higher efficiency. Actively choosing to assess oneself and assess others in any context with the tools of discernment, #accountability, and #adaptability fortifies the efficiency and endurance of healthy communication.

Projection starts within as one filters their experiences with the world personally and impersonally. Acknowledging self from not self is the first step to clarification for potential #sovereignty from the effect of other’s thoughts. Emotions, and actions. The second step is reflecting in how one’s own thoughts, emotions, and actions are serving or blocking the outcomes in life and one’s personal story. Distinguishing ideals vs. realistic factors and abilities in the present context is key for directing one’s intention to align their thoughts, feelings, and actions with the most harmonious outcomes for their personal story. Once this alignment has been tended, attention to the personal and impersonal response one has to other’s beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and actions can be concluded. From this base of understanding communication styles, compassionate wording, #RespectForOthers voice, and receptivity to co-creative reflection that expands ones understanding in a healthy way may be applied. #HealthyCommunication is the bridge to opportunities for healing, holistic conclusion, growth, and forward #ProgressThroughUnity with others or the freedom of an individual from lingering conflict with self or others.

Discernment of projection applied to self, others, and the effect on circumstances is a tool that bestows greater potency and #versatility when conflict arises in self or with others. Once developed, clarity in the origin of oneself and the effect thoughts, emotions, and actions have in one’s #LifeNarrative cultivates energy conservation, #RestoringTheMindAndHeart from the incessant drain of unresolved experiences. Healthy communication with self and with others utilizing the #awareness of projection in a compassionate way further empowers the connection with self and the connection with others collectively. We are all acting from a #MazeOfMirrors. The way we project these perceptions and filter information received externally or inspired within is in direct relationship to the conscious or unconscious actions and intentions that effect the outcomes of circumstance, including the degree of suffering and success one perceives. #BeCurious. #EmbraceThePearl in every moment. Harness discernment to #LeadWithIntention and accountability in the narrative you create. Engage the #AlchemyOfSelf and #ExpandYourCapacity for #wholeness.

Writings from the Excerpts of Julie Hightman

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