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Choosing Love as a Legacy Part 2

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

The #perceptions we #cultivate about #love as an individual and #society define the way one gives and receives love. The diverse forms of love are revealed in the roles one takes on in life, the behaviors they act out in relationship with self or others, and the ideals they espouse in their yearnings for fulfillment. The #ConceptsOfLove that one welcomes in to experience expands a #DeeperAwareness of the inherent force of love. This grants the opportunity to redefine one’s #relationship to it through free will. The relationship to love an individual defines in self dictates the narratives of #connection, #creativity, and #openness to the emotional experiences of life. How open one is to the experience of love and life affects the legacy they leave behind when the viability of active relationships and the physical body come to an end.

Being #OpenToLove as a force of existence inspires the #soul to create and to share what is created. The most simplistic example of this is the desire to be “one” with another and choose the opportunity to create a child together (or to raise one together if physical gestation is not applicable). The inspiration to create that is fueled by love, in many forms, may be #limitless in the mind and heart. This is because the #empowerment of birthing and tending energy furthers the questions of possibility. It may also be confined and structured by #intentions and beliefs that seek to contain it in a specific form to achieve a focused outcome. Whether the #resistance and conditional structures are healthy or unhealthy for those involved is up to the assessment of those cultivating it. Although, observers may also conclude their own view of it without choosing to create the same experience in their own #PersonalNarrative. Navigating the emotional experience in that expression of love and free will is a part of learning and growth for how we #manifest our dreams in alignment with the #AuthenticSelf.

#Love and #FreeWill are partners in the acts of creativity that are endeavored in life. The way an individual harnesses the power of free will is directly relevant to the outcomes and productivity of their experiences. Maintaining the use of free will as a skill that supports #resilience with an open heart and a #curiosity to learn, perpetuates the probabilities for #fulfillment. Mastering receptivity to love, learning, and creative potential perpetuates the momentum of evolution and the cyclical return of #lightheartedness through perceptions of #hardship. Resistance, #denial, #avoidance, and aggressive acts of destruction shut down the flow of creativity and dampen #ThePowerOfLove as a resource. Individuals exercising their free will to defend, control, or obscure the possibilities that do not fit the mold of their current understandings and #beliefs are choosing to step out of the creative flow of life. This directly affects them and others in relationship with them. While this may be an important lesson in the use of free will and allows one to get their bearings on how to learn and embrace life beyond unhealthy circumstances, living one’s life this way consistently leads to a perceived lack of fulfillment. This #choice may also harbor persistent beliefs driven by #fear, #anger, #resentment, or #regret that block opportunities for creative solutions and #growth. #CreativeSolutions expand one’s capacity for resilience with an open heart and ultimate fulfillment.

When the acts of love one seeks to share with another or the world is denied, deferred, or unacknowledged the choice to still allow and tend to that love arises. The power of #UnconditionalLove and the #Freedom an individual feels to experience this form of love resonates and ripples through time, regardless of an actualized or currently shared relationship to other(s). This love is the essence of #CompassionateAcceptance that we all have diverse paths and ways we create that shift the definitions of self, relationship, and the nature of our experiential world. The #conditionality of one’s love is revealed when they cut off the flow and recognition of that love within themselves and toward another they once shared love with. When roles change, dreams are fulfilled, or experiences feel unfulfilling the forms of #ConditionalLove change. At this time, it is not uncommon for cognitive dissonance to occur because we each crave unconditional love. Yet, the perceived tightening or release of conditions on the roles we play in relationship or that we place on ourselves for our endeavors in the external world require a recalibration of how one distributes their mental, emotional, and physical energy. The focus of the mind and heart may become consumed with immediate gratification. This affects the choices an individual makes that hold gravity later in reflections of life experience, personal performance, and the legacy one has imprinted in the psyche of others and oneself. This is important to understand when considering choices that will result in mundane or #transformative themes in the experience of life and the legacy one has the power to create.

The theme of a #legacy is marked by #IntentionalAwareness of the way our experience imprints on others and the effect of #KarmicNarratives woven into the journey of soul. The value of a legacy for self is an essential part of accessing free will to master how we are molded by life experience and how we create with our own life force. Learning how to align with greater integrity in our words and actions produces greater opportunities for fulfillment, healing, and closure in every aspect of how we relate to life experience and relationships to others. Even if others cannot meet us there or maintain the open flow of love and healthy communication, it is our #devotion to the #integrity of love, of oneself, and the legacy we are cultivating that fortifies the creativity and #sustainability of love in this earthly embodiment.

The conditions of love may take on diverse forms that invite new perceptions of love and definitions for the roles we take on to experience that love. #LifeIsAJourney of #lessons by experiences directly or vicariously. Different people share this journey with us as we establish #connection in all its meanings and refine how we align during the challenges of existence. These challenges invite us to evolve in our understandings of how we automatically and voluntarily direct the narratives experienced and shared. They also affect how we align with ourselves and who we choose to align with. This may cause the dissolution of #relationships we once valued if one or both individuals do not seek to maintain or redefine the perceived love that was shared.

The love we carry for others cannot be forced on them if they are not opened to receive. That is why #offerings and #invitations are the #messengers of love. If the #impulse is to force love or shut down the flow of love for another, one must look to their free will and the nature of the love they carry for others. Is it #conditional or #unconditional? Is it both in some ways? Do you have the reservoir and the will to still love that being even if they cannot receive or understand your offerings and invitations? Offerings and invitations leave messages at the door of those who are closed to you. Sometimes moving on with appreciation for what was shared with them is the healthiest path for self. Accepting that #truth may look different to more than one individual at any given time, without needing to demonize it or degrade someone for it, is a foundational tool for reaching #EmotionalFreedom. This includes valuing the dreams they brought into your life even if you were unable to experience that #dream with them. It is important to remember the #endings of our involvements in anything or with anyone in life are equally valuable to the #beginnings. All of the acts in a journey #FromBeginningToEnd are a reflection of the self we are choosing in life. Having #integrity with #HealthyCommunication for release offers a productive path to resolving and #healing the #grief that naturally resonates with endings.

Love is its own #force. To choose a #LegacyOfLove means to love regardless of whether your love is received. It is a perpetual connection to the unconditional nature of love’s essence, the #PowerOfCreativity, and the potentiation of evolution that must be embraced to act in the integrity of love as a life force. Love is a skillful practice to master during this embodiment. #LoveTeaches us to deepen our knowledge of self, of others, and the power of shared connection for co-creativity. Love is the song that brings us home, that inspires a new day, and fuels the will to be present in every moment. Love teaches us how to communicate more effectively with oneself and others, to have #compassion when we are not understood, and to find graceful approaches to #ReleasePain and endings. Applying this understanding secures future possibilities to share in new ways that serve and align with the #AuthenticSelf.

Love is the reminder of the spark of creativity within you. You hold that key. You hold the access to the love and the creative power within you, regardless of the narratives you witness or the stories you tell yourself. It is up to you to choose a legacy of love and gratitude, no matter what.

Excerpts from the Writings of Julie Hightman

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