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Choosing Love as a Legacy

The paths we take in life are initiated by #Fate and #FreeWill. The emotional experiences one perceives affect one’s sense of #completion or #LackOfResolve. Finding fulfillment or reaching #closure in each experience enhances a sense of #contentment that inspires us to move forward with empowered curiosity through the changes each path presents. Experiences that result in a lack of resolve may spur one forward onto new journeys as well, yet the quality of this emotional void calling for fulfillment and closure requires many coping mechanisms to be learned or employed. As #life unfolds considerations about one’s personal narrative arises in alignment with events that define new stages of growth and accomplishment or disillusion and loss. The wake of satisfaction or unresolve one sees reflected in their path invokes thoughts and feelings about the legacy they are imprinting on the world and those they share it with. Choosing to share a #LegacyOfLove is the greatest gift one can give to others and to oneself.

The #mantras we carry every day in our heart and mind dictate many aspects of what we create and how we perceive opportunities for resolve or fulfillment. #Mantras in the mind are repetitive loops and phrases one tells themselves. These mantras may be provoked as a natural response to an experience or invoked as an #AffirmativeChoice within that experience. Mantras may create positive or negative reinforcement about one’s perceptions of self, others, and life circumstance. Acknowledging the mental loops that occur when processing an experience allows one to question the deeper implications and evidence for where those thoughts come from or how they do and do not serve outcomes for self-resolve or fulfillment. We each have the power to master the feeling of authentic resonance with affirmations that are founded in #CompassionateStrength to endure and create greater opportunities in learning how to problem-solve. This ability empowers many #SkillsForLife success. It is essential to choose the mantras we live by with attention to how they affect our #PersonalNarrative and the #legacy one intends to create. The #reinforcement of opportunities through problem solving engages the creative mind and inspires the heart’s curiosity. #Love inspires the #CreativeFire within to discover more fulfilling solutions. #Affirmations of compassion and strength to endure fortify access to one’s will power and support the heart-mind #relationship to stay intact and focused. These types of mantras help one design their own #LegacyOfLove, reminding one of their #AuthenticSelf when the experience of #BurnOut, #Disillusionment, or loss occur.

The practice of mantra awareness and mantra building initiates one onto the path of #sovereignty. On this path a sense of responsibility to self, how self is a big factor in the cause and effect of life circumstances, and what imprints one leaves in the world with others becomes central to the everyday experience. This path is one that teaches how to wield the power of self conscientiously in order to attain a higher sense of fulfillment that comes when we are liberated from the slavery of #ignorance. This ignorance includes subconscious imprinting, behavioral defaults, and old mental or emotional tapes that no longer apply as one discovers new skills to utilize in life events. We all carry ignorance in different ways inside our being. It is a part of this journey to expanding the awareness of self and the #relationship of self to the world. That is why compassion and #empathy are essential components of #HealthyConnection.

Many teachings in the path of sovereignty challenge an individual to assess the experience of #SelfSacrifice and #Martyrdom. How to embrace the balance between fate and free will is a persistent undertone when awakening to sovereignty within. The choice for #sovereignty cannot succeed without the #acknowledgment of #interdependency one has with the environment around self and how that environment influences and reflects the limitations of #incarnation back to them. If one seeks a legacy of love, the awareness of this #balance is even more integral for allowing mutual exchange between self and other incarnate beings, human or otherwise.

Choices for self-sacrifice or martyrdom occur on all #PathsOfLife. Self-sacrifice is chosen when the fixation on a belief or essential need is given up for the sake of a desired outcome. #SelfSacrifice may be intentional or unintentional until one becomes aware of what they are doing and how it affects circumstantial outcomes for self and others. This act of self-sacrifice may be a noble act or may be driven by a sense of bondage to personal belief, the pursuit of ideals, or another person. When #bondage with self-sacrifice occurs, the role of martyr may be instilled and further a disconnection from the #AuthenticSelf. When beliefs or emotions are held onto relentlessly, #martyrdom occurs at all costs. Many times, the cost may be more than necessary. Only the martyr can be the one to discern this. The compulsion toward martyrdom may also be intentional or unintentional until one becomes aware of how their #choices in circumstances cause the outcomes that unfold. When the impulse for martyrdom and self-sacrifice arise, one must re-assess their #values and their default #coping mechanisms to achieve the outcome they seek.

Is the fixation of an idea or feeling, whether momentary or perpetual, in alignment with the authentic self? Does it deny or defer one’s sense of integrity? Does the act of self-sacrifice or martyrdom actually create what we seek most in the intention for holistic fulfillment? The #resonance of holistic fulfillment in body, #heart, #mind, and #soul is a hard one to achieve when at odds with one’s authentic self. This is also true when an individual relinquishes essential needs for those of another. Is this what love means to us?

Through religious indoctrination and societal fundamentalism we are taught that self-sacrifice is the greatest act of love one can offer. We are also taught one must be willing to die for what they believe in, in order to be #SelfRighteous. These #beliefs may have merit in extreme situations such as emergencies, disasters, or acts of persecution. This includes when offenses are made with the purpose of total conversion and #conformity that is contrary to the authentic self. Yet how these #behaviors ripple out in the everyday experience may not be serving us in the short or long term. Acts of self-sacrifice may not be truly beneficial in all situations for others we offer our bequeathing to. #ValueSystems and the awareness of trade offs create a negotiation about what one is willing to accept or what one is willing to do to achieve #contentment in the body, heart, mind, and soul. As one navigates the situational experiences of life, the common denominator is the self. Unintentional behaviors and impulses to reach contentment often result in only partial satisfaction for the physical body, emotional body, or mental body. Achieving basic life needs for survival may be satisfied, but with the trade-off of beliefs and values. Likewise, emotional desires may be met as a trade-off for basic needs that are not met. It may also be that mental, emotional, and physical contentment is perceived but the spirit feels restless. We all must find our own way in the paths of life through the beliefs, ideals, fears, and struggles to achieve fulfillment.

There are many ways to experience and share love. How we place conditions on love, structures the way we share it with ourselves and with others. Love creates a potent bond, fortifies memories to #cherish, enables receptivity for #healing, and fuels the integration of #PersonalGrowth in an #elevating way. How one tends to the love they create is reflected by the relationship with oneself, others, and what one seeks to #cultivate in the world. Love may be applied in the moments of #discontent and #suffering an individual perceives on their life path. It may be given directly or indirectly to those that do not understand our love or to those who take on adversarial roles in our journey.

#LoveFlows until it is put into form or rejected from an experience. Circumstance sets the stage and conditions placed on love, by those involved, are the governors of what someone gives or receives from that experience. Compassionate forms of love can teach us how to embrace an experience and how to cultivate #NonAttachment to fixations of desire when separation or endings occur. When a #LegacyOfLove is chosen, one intends to resolve disharmony to maintain connection or seeks closure for release that resonates with compassion and #gratitude for the shared experience. Someone with deep abiding love and gratitude in their heart embraces all experiences as opportunities to grow. They understand this is the way to tend to the essence of love for self, others, and the world.

#Learning and utilizing a balance of #surrendering to fate with #intentional choice enables the #acceptance for being incarnate as a co-creative being. Acknowledging the way mantras are created through experiences as well as the way one resonates with thoughtforms shared with us by others allows the option to use these mantras intentionally. It also allows us to discard them when they are no longer in service to the path of awakening more deeply into the authentic self. #Mantras carry the ability to perpetuate experiences in life that do or do not help one achieve holistic #fulfillment in body, heart, mind, and soul. It is up to us to re-assess the investment we have in thoughts and feelings that loop in the mind, heart, and soul. Are these thoughts and feelings based in love, compassion, and #gratitude for self, life, and others? Do our behaviors and communications in everyday life align with positive receptivity for experiential growth, healing resolutions, and passionate endurance? What legacy are you creating? What #legacy do you care to intentionally leave as a mark or a story for yourself in the lives of others here #witnessing you?

When an individual chooses the path of #sovereignty, they choose the #responsibility of #awareness and #empowerment in order to expand their #SkillsToCreate in the world. Holding sacred the alignment with one’s authenticity cultivates love, compassion, and gratitude for self to share with others from a place of strength and enduring #integrity. The key to #sharing this is a willingness to be #vulnerable with an #OpenHeart and trusting in the #resilience that is bestowed by practicing #lightheartedness in times of #hardship. This path presents the opportunity for profound discernment when the impulses for self-sacrifice or martyrdom arise. Experiences of resolve and completion are more likely as one navigates their personal narrative with intentional awareness. By refining beliefs, ideals, values, and behaviors we effect experiential outcomes. The mantras we live by and act from have the power to lead us into bondage or to set us free. Choose your mantras wisely. Choose love as a legacy.

Excerpts from the Writings of Julie Hightman

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