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Carrying the Vision

Brocade and Damask silk

unfurling through solar dimensions

a pattern- artfully inscribed-

hewn of metal.

A cycle,


inner to outer,

a radiant expansion-

Intention manifest.

Smiles lighten the shadows

of a world seeking

sanity- satiation,

remembrance without suffering,

forward momentum without resistance,

a mastery of dreams

inspired by darkness.

Undulating waves of wisdom


serpentine entwine-

descending- arising-

in each and every spine,

enlivening the chords of Brena

and stillness.

Humming, Humming,

gentle potentiation,

humming, refining

the unity of self.

A sensuous clarity

of Duality-

The capacity for visions

instilled in a dance-

of atomic metallurgy.


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