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Beyond I

Serpentine hills of lush green

smolder with magnesite~ riveted rock

cascading in the southwest slope of integrity.

Rise over run and see the skin of the Earth.

Emerge~ stretched to its peak and darkened

by the suns burning kisses.

Enthralled~ she blushes

and life flows out of her veins.

Spontaneous creation brings new seed,

watered and nourished by her supple silk.

The milk of a Mother no longer contained

rushing forth to bathe all in her wake.

Humidity thrives in their communion

the froth of love cooling and shading

hymns of heat~ thunder raising in octaves.

Harmonic song ushered forth in bittersweet tones.

The offspring cultivated and gathered,

dendritic and spiraling~ sprawling over her body.

Sifting deep and seeking her inner core~

bottomless chasms harbor her sacred fire.

The lava of infinite effervescence~

Creation happening.

Eternal, this love between

our Magnetic Mother and Father Flame.


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