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Being a Witness and Experiencing the Synchrony of Life

Through the course of #LifeExperience, we each take on the role of #witnessing. A conscious mind in a vessel with senses to perceive endows our witnessing opportunities with tools that may be refined for #discernment. What we discern or conclude may be simple or complex in its value and effect how we choose to apply those conclusions to new or similar circumstances. #BeingAWitness of one’s environment and of others, is automatic and instinctual as we navigate basic drives to fulfill needs for survival and #sustainability. Being a #WitnessOfSelf and how we interact with our environment and others is the next level of tool refinement, essential for expanding our experience as an individual that is part of a collective. The higher degrees of more practiced #witnessing in all aspects begins to reveal a #synchrony. This synchrony is relevant to one’s #discernment of the patterns inherent in the interactions of others and oneself, in the context of environmental factors.

Every moment is a multidimensional experience with different lenses of perception that shift in correlation to our objective and subjective #StatesOfAwareness. Some are wired to perceive the world with a subjective eye, while others embrace a more objective position. Being a witness of self creates an opportunity to learn how to be more of each. It takes a consistent receptivity of the journey into feeling and understanding all emotions, combined with analyzing and questioning our intentions, beliefs, fears, and desires with respect to outcomes. Acknowledging one’s #choices and #accountability in the efforts or acquiescence to affect the world around us is preliminary in the reflection of our conclusions about the #PatternsOfSynchrony that persist to be witnessed. #ConfirmationBias, conviction bias, and self-fulfilling prophecy are parts of the #witnessing experience. That is why it is essential to break the habit of assumption and check in with the imprint of our reactions and urges, while harnessing a sustained curiosity in the simultaneous differences and similarities of each experience. The question of reality and illusion can dictate projections we or others may assert to be accepted or rejected in each circumstance. #Projection is a natural part of our experience and effect on life perceptions and choices as we navigate our awareness. This means individually as well as collectively, with others. It is up to us to question and define the purpose of these projections in order to cultivate and refine the skills of #witnessing and acknowledge patterns of belief influencing one’s reactivity or responsiveness in each situation.

A science mind seeks to remove as much bias as possible. Yet, this can never be truly achieved due to our subjective participation that cannot be fully excluded from the context of an experience. Defining and #PracticingObjectivity amplifies the degree of distance one perceives as a witness. For those who seek #objectivity, yet tend to be more subjective, the perception may be one of less connection to the experience. This is due to the narrow self- focus that occurs in a first-person perspective that weights their senses on emotion and affectation by something at/to them. For those who are naturally more objective, the experience becomes an expanded vision that may reveal an even more complex layering of connections related to internal and external factors. This perspective provides an opportunity to sense a larger framework of understanding the context of self with the context of the collective or the context of the collective without the self in some scenarios.

The perceptions of every individual are marked by one’s chosen roles in an experience. Roles are chosen regardless of whether they are assigned or happenstance. Each moment a role is taken on is an integrated analysis of how one is perceived, then pressured, or compelled to make a #commitment to that role. This is more understandable when one practices the skill of witnessing. Every moment is a trade-off of rewards and consequences. One chooses their role based on the perceptions of these possible outcomes and acts as their own form of “weighted justice” to make the choice. The #Judge and the #Victim persona originate in the distortions and fixations of extreme subjective and objective mindsets combined with oppressive beliefs. These perceptual personas exist in each of us and it is one’s choice to move beyond them through the #PracticeOfWitnessing. The greater #discernment of one’s own patterns, including self-talk and reactions to the world around them, cultivates a sense of synchrony in the outcomes of #choices and one’s life #narrative. The witnessing of the narratives and experiences of others and the #PatternsOfNature bestows the conceptual possibilities of aligning with different patterns of #synchrony to achieve desired outcomes. Learning vicariously in this way offers a balance to the foundational enactment of living by trial and error. Developing discernment beyond the method of trial and error simultaneously disengages the mentality of the #Judge and the #Victim. This enhances a feeling of connection and alignment with one’s capacity to achieve #temperance and #confidence to affect their own #PersonalNarrative.

To be in #synchrony and to witness #synchronicity in the context of one’s experience, defines the skill to align gracefully in strategic choices and acceptance of outcomes. This skill is directly connected to the sense of #empowerment and capability one has to be directive and receptive in their subjective and objective responses. This applies to self-witnessing, being the witness of others, and the interactions of a collective. Probabilities are persistent possibilities that develop theories and support those theories as accepted laws of #belief. The consideration of synchrony versus coincidence is one of practiced witnessing and applied consistency in the perceptions for one or the other. Coincidence presents the question of possibility. Synchronicity presents the awareness of #probability. Probability naturally increases with one’s attention to intention, in order to understand the connectivity of experiences regarding the patterns witnessed and enacted. To change patterns and probabilities dictated by our mental and emotional constructs one must #EmbraceTheJourney of the Witness. This role is a dedication expanding one’s perceptions into the most profound origins of personal and collective, subjective and objective, experience.

#Temperance may be the most valuable guide when sensing the degrees of one’s connection to the patterns in life and personal narratives. The psyche is an orb of concentric layers and every layer offers a different lens for the discernment of one’s #connection and effective role in the experience. While knowing the farthest reaches of these concentric layers is important to understand the degree of one’s “perceptive boundaries”, maintaining a healthy bridge between the subjective and objective is essential to achieving integrative harmony within heart and mind. This enables success in aligning with the teachings of synchrony. Be bold in the #endeavor to understand the #OriginsOfPerception that create your personal narrative. #EmbraceTheJourney of knowing your own perceptive #boundaries and continue expanding from there. Harness the #potency of being the Witness and shift the patterns that do not serve the nature of your conscious being.

Excerpts from the Writings of Julie Hightman

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