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Becoming the Authentic Self

In Egyptian lore, #Anubis, the God of the Dead stands at the gateway to the spirit world with his scales to weigh the soul. The scale of souls is #balanced by the weight of a feather to assess the #lightness a soul has attained. The degree of light attained in one’s being is dependent on the #integrity and #truth they embody in alignment with their #AuthenticSelf. The vibrational purity of this authentic self resonates in every circumstance throughout the journey of a life to activate and influence the cultivation of en-lighten-ment. This path of enlightenment unveils the keys to personal empowerment, release from #KarmicBondage, and profound wisdom in the connectivity of all things.

The word #enlightenment represents the concept of finding lightness in the meaning of self and the meaning of life. Harnessing the potency of this lightness is achieved within the #alchemy of #SufferingAndHealing, of #creation and #death, of the known and the unknown. The expansion of awareness may be constructed in many ways. That is why the sages speak of “1000-fold” or “infinite” paths to reaching enlightenment. These paths have many peaks and valleys with frequent diverging and converging #crossroads. Every soul comes into body with their own unique design that aligns them to the core programs of their own authentic self, as well as the threads in the vast fabric of the universal authentic self. In the warp and weft of the individual and universal authenticity, the #offerings of harmony and #fulfillment are defined. Peeling back the layers of perception and unwinding the threads reveals the solid or hollow core of truth, including the operable #value of its structure when intact.

Alchemy is a physical and meta-physical process. Billions of atoms dance in and out of #TimeAndSpace to form, to merge, to bond, and to #transform in the creation of matter, as we know it. What is matter? What does it matter? #Matter is meaning and a lack of meaning, waiting to be perceived. All thoughts, emotions, and actions represent what “matter” is within and how “what matters” is directed or contained for use in our internal and external world of experience. The natural process of #existence is alchemical. This includes the path of #humanity and the #PathOfTheSoul. Acknowledging and embracing the opportunity to engage in the alchemy of life, by choice, further inspires #curiosity and enthusiasm for the #magic in the #mystery we all feel deep within. Even without #acknowledgment, the alchemical synchrony of one’s path persists beneath the veils of awareness. This inherent truth of the authentic self is always present and interactive in the #BehavioralResponses, mental tapes, emotional defaults, and circumstantial outcomes in an individual’s life narrative. When we align our choices with the authentic self, we feel strength through clarity and a dynamic flow that resonates with wholeness. When we do not align, we feel a sense of weakness, clouds of distortion that obscure our intention, and a divide with genuine integrity.

To seek the path of enlightenment is to seek #empowerment in the will to co-create one’s life narrative. This requires skill in the wielding of #MindfulAwareness, a balance of #responsibility, #IntentionalManifestation, and #surrender by actively witnessing the patterns of self, others, and the world. With this knowledge comes the opportunity to re-align and re-design the cyclical experiences and outcomes that feel confining, destructive, and unfulfilling, while magnifying the frequency of #freedom, perpetual #wholeness, and #HarmonicFulfillment. Becoming one with the authentic self may take many lives or events that challenge the mind, heart, and spirit to heal and lighten, beyond the weight of suffering. It may require the soul to face many paths of #illusion that threaten to disconnect the nourishing origins and creative capacity of the #AuthenticSelf. This causes pressure on one’s integrity, the confidence to know truth, and to harness the #PowerOfIntention within. Within #darkness is the #SeedOfLight. Within light there is the seed of darkness. Both are integral to the balance of time and space, of birth and death, of life’s losses and achievements. This #interdependent relationship perpetuates possibility. It perpetuates what matters and what has yet to be understood as mattering. This possibility is constructed upon a cycle of #sustainability, based in the essence of alchemical #rebirth.

Alchemical living honors the existence of the authentic self and embarks upon the #journey to discover it. Those that #ChooseToAlign with their own #authenticity and the universal authenticity share this integrity with the world, creating an invitation for others to align in their authentic self with shared #transparency and #accountability. This shared meeting of inherent #value, in the experience of an individual, advocates respect and #compassion when co-creating #relationship and pursuing successful outcomes in life. Focusing effort and intention in the agreements we make with others and ourselves unlocks the expansive capacity for creative fulfillment in our endeavors, healing form perceived wounds, and untying karmic patterns that may dictate personal #perceptions or the outcomes in our #PersonalNarrative. Through this effort we learn new ways to act with greater presence for what we align and create. Through practice these skills for transparency and #presence become entrained and embodied, requiring less effort. The dance in the garden of life becomes lighter and brighter and the weight of the soul hovers on the scale of Anubis without #fear or #resistance to being seen.

Deepen into the seeds of darkness and bring them to light. Acknowledge the strength within to align for healing beyond suffering. Choose transparency and discover the Authentic Self to create harmony within, releasing resistance to the journey of life. Dance on and be free, in the wings of your soul, for all to see.

Excerpts from the Writings of Julie Hightman

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