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Becoming One With Your Authentic Self: Meditation

Take a moment to feel yourself in the position you have chosen. Feel the thoughts, emotions, pleasure or discomfort, in your body. Adjust and align yourself as needed and allow a stillness to come with quieting presence. A presence that acknowledges your heart and your mind, that acknowledges the sensations of your physical body without judgment or impulse to change anything.

Inhale deeply- Exhale fully. Inhale deeply again- Exhale fully. Allow your breath to carry itself in this deeper tidal flow- in the rhythm of your own being. Let the stillness expand within and around you, welcoming your spirit in to be seen and heard- the light and the shadows cast from your dynamic radiance, all the parts of your conscious and unconscious self, presenting in this moment of profound unity.

If judgments, observations, or emotions arise take note of them and let the light of your highest self embrace them with compassion. Let the wisdom of your shadows reveal to you the light within them, even if its only a feeling. Listen for as long as you are called to what you need to hear about the truth of who you are. Let your highest self show you that you are love, you are worthy, and you will always be enough.

Feel the sensations of your beingness as you fully open to unite with your most authentic self in the now of your life. Joining mind, heart, and hands to magnify the continuity of your spirit in this vessel with gratitude and confidence as you journey onward in this path of incarnation.

Sense the trust in your heart and the strength in this rooted self – pulling you into alignment between earth and sky- as an integrated, consolidated, and distinguished authentic self- Clear in mind, heart, and spirit- present in this time and space.

#GuidedMeditations by Julie Hightman

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