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A Call to Spirit

“In this solemn void

Grief ignites

burning with your quiet song,

A tender memory

that lights the night

as my heart beats on.

And I laid you down

in a pool of petals

filled with mercy

and gratitude,

Burned your effigy

on the pyre of

Soulful whispers.

The chatter of this mind

now still- submerged

beneath the tides

of wild rain,

Birthing acceptance

and serenity.

And even when

these tears are shorn

it will not feel enough

for all the sweetness,

all the laughter,

Every “I love you”

and tail shimmy,

Every “baby bird”

and lighthearted shriek.

You are my seeing eye

and compass,

My well of truth,

Always and forever

My Hara.”


In Memory of Hara Hightman


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