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Meditation for Building Self Trust

It is recommended that you consider recording meditation transcripts in a Voice Memo App and listen to them in order to achieve an empowering self-guided visualization.

Take a deep breath in and feel where it goes. Does it feel full or shallow?

-Exhale- Breathe in again- expanding and holding that breath a little more. Feel where the resistance occurs in your body. Do you feel areas opening and letting go or does it feel stuck?

-Exhale- Inhale- again and let your breath come in and out like a long easy tide coming into shore.

Each inhale should be at least 5 counts and each exhale at least 6 counts. Sit in this cycle of breathing for 13 breaths.

Then turn your focus to the central column of your body. Sense the strength of your borders and boundaries around you and the peace of being within them during this precious moment of self-tending.

See a blue light brightening in the cord of your spine from crown to root. Let it expand gradually in the center of your torso between your belly and your heart.

Let your minds eye rest in the center of this blue orb, honoring the quiet stillness of just being. As thoughts or feelings arise, let them fade back into the ocean of yourself with each exhale. Stay here as long as you feel called.

When you sense the light motivate and shift into active mind, bring your awareness back to your center just below the belly button. Acknowledge the fire- beautiful rays of red, orange, and yellow dancing up from the root of your spine. Let yourself harness that raw energy and align it with the cooling peacefulness of that blue light- filling the rest of your limbs and body with vitality.

State out loud “ I am the keeper of wisdom within me. I know the truth of my own heart.

I am the keeper of wisdom within me. I am open to receive the truth of my own heart. I am open to receive the truth of my own heart.”

Inhale deeply- letting these words share their power with every piece of your body, mind, and spirit.

Move through a cycle of 3 breaths, making an agreement with yourself to honor this declaration with intention and to carry this mantra with you in every moment forward.

-Meditations By Julie Hightman

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