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Creativity & Self Care


As we #navigate the world and everyday routines, the call for more energy to feed the machine is continuous. Each designated “to do” or spontaneous agreement to fulfill the space of time requests that we initiate and express our #vitality to meet the demand. How often do we stop and check in with our capacity to meet those demands? Like feeding gas to the vehicles that so often cart us around and money to the bank for the amenities we require, the tank of our #vitality must be refilled.

Sleep brings restoration for some and appeases the want for stillness in the mind but does it really fill the zephyr of our vitality? Does it inspire and engage us to feel the dynamic sense of desire within to carry out our routines and stated commitments for work and play? The act of creating energy requires all aspects of our body, heart, mind, and spirit be present and contributing. #Creating energy also requests a call to unity in all of these aspects of our being, in order to fully embrace the experience of life. Understanding how to recycle, restore, and recreate energy is equally essential for the perception of wholeness and #contentment about one’s life. This awareness goes beyond the basics of food, sleep, sex, and general physical health.

In our deep biological well our need to create and externalize from within resonates evidently in the world around us. The #HigherMind transforms the possibilities for manifestation beyond this base urge and many opportunities to explore how and what we create are born. Innovations, inventions, positive community exchange, opportunities to reflect, and physical exercise all have a cyclical relationship to our ”creative manifest” and restoration of self. #Art and time in nature offer us a higher degree of #simplicity and #restoration. If we immerse ourselves in the experience of nature and #creating art, the balance of return is most often greater than the expenditure. Even if we participate in these acts with an array of emotion, there is a still point and a quieting they both offer in service of the heart, mind, and spirit. This is where the zephyr and #inspiration are instilled, expanded, and perpetuated.

Even if one feels they are not “creative” the opportunity to access this with increased opening to awareness and practice exists. Creating art is about the freedom “to be”; just as our immersion in nature, in a sanctuary of our choosing, is as well. #Art can be the primer for deep reflections and conclusions. It can be a release point for what we seek to express or let go of; to move energy with intent out of our body. Art for the sake of art, whether to keep or throw away, is a powerful #potentiator for that sense of #fulfillment one may feel is just out of their reach.

Over the years my art has taken on many forms and I have observed many subject matter for my expression of experience. I have explored archival and degenerative art for their different purposes and I have changed my style again and again until feeling fully connected to a style that is most authentic to the language I speak. Through my various forms of expression, painting has always been a mainstay, but I feel the acknowledgment and #intention of art has its place in everything. From house projects to camping spots, cooking to decorating; art is life. For me, that means intentionally strategic at sometimes, while fun and freeing at others. This definition changes depending on the person/artist and each state of beingness.

Moving my paintbrush along the path of an object to define it with a mix of stochastic feathering and dabbing, in order to depict the play of shades and colors in the formless, is a language. The way we speak, the way we move, are languages of expression that reveal a story, an #intention, and a persona. Physical movement with freedom and exploration is another profound form of #art, embodied. It is another prime example of a fulfilling method that builds energy for release and #restoration of the creative flow, reconsolidating the #vitality within. Dancing and explorative movement may be the most tangible form of art and #creativity within because it puts us in our core and requires the full attention of mind and body to channel the heart and soul.

“Get out of the box”, we say. Move beyond the confining rules of routine and conserving one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions. Channel it in that #SacredMoment with self in nature or making art. Art does not need to be defined as one way or with one medium. There is an abundance of forms in art to be witnessed and learned from until one discovers what works best for them. Let the pressure of projections to see what you create as “perfect” or exact fall away and remember art is like life. It is a process, a give and take, for experience. How much control one seeks will change the perception of fulfillment to be instilled. Recall the inner child when new experiences were just fun and exploratory. This is the origin of the higher mind and spirit, creating in our world with #enthusiasm. That #enthusiasm engages a reflective and #inspiring cycle that paradoxically fulfills while initiating a flow through the process of achieving that awareness perpetually. Access the essential urge and flow into the heArt of wonder.

Excerpt from the writings of Julie Hightman

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