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The Many Faces of Love

In our journey of life, we come to know many #ShadesOfLove. These #shades may have different faces as we or others embody them. When an individual takes on a role in relationship, the attributes of #love unveil themselves through the course of that #relationship. Where less intimate forms of love exist, deep appreciation is felt. This appreciation reveals itself in various exchanges with colleagues, acquaintances, and general #community interactions. The closer the bond, the more deeply felt the love is. In all senses of love defined by a role, the #conditionality of that role holds sway. The deepest and most expansive undercurrent of love is #unconditional. This love is a deeply #spiritual conversation and #acknowledgment that “all is embraceable as a part of the whole”. It is the love that drives creation and becomes most evident in the love of a parent for their child. Try as they may and wish as we might, no other face of love in other relationship roles will reach the potency of this profound love and #CreativeForce between parent and child.

Parent and child relationships vary in their experiences. The perception of love is highly dependent on what is given and what is not given by the parent to the child. Some parents do not have the emotional, mental, or physical capacity to be fully present for their child. When this occurs, a sense of #wounding in the bond between parent and child blocks or diminishes the flow of unconditional #LoveAndTrust. The perception of this has a ripple effect throughout the life narrative of experiences the child feels challenged to grow through. A perpetual #desire lingers deep in the creative fire of the heart to unearth unconditional love in the #bond with another, as well as restore it with their parent. This is innate, no matter how hard one’s upbringing was experienced or how much one sabotages the flow of love in their relationships with others. The soul wants to belong, to know it has a place where an abiding embrace exists.

An individual may seek this unconditional love from another #family member, a close #friend, a #lover, or #spouse. One may repeat patterns in relationship dynamics or roles they take on to work out the desire beneath to know love, in its greatest form. No matter how many other shades of love they interact with or embody, an individual will find #discontent if their #fixation on the seemingly intangible experience or reproduction of the parent/child #devotion does not manifest. It is essential to consider #RelationshipExpectations, repetitive roles that play out without the desired outcome, and the sense of #dependency an individual places on others as though they were like a #parent or #child.

The psychoanalysis about men seeking their #mothers and #women seeking their #fathers in love relationship has become more common in conversations, today. The relevance of our initial imprinting of what masculine and feminine #roles and love with them feels like reveals the seeds of expectation or rejection in the mind and heart. Beyond these considerations of co-dependent and conditional relationships, exists a larger question of how to create #interdependence and deeply compassionate love that is as close as one can get to the original power of unconditional love, inherent in creation. When an individual chooses to heal the wounds they carry, more dimensions of the wound can be revealed for understanding of how it came about, how it is perpetuated, and what is beneficial to resolving that wound. There are many wounds in the journey of life and the invocations and #transformation of love. The most definable shades of love appear in the faces of those that represent our greatest #wounds in the way they were inflicted and those that bring #offerings to our #dreams for #healing #resolve.

When an individual establishes #SelfAuthority and chooses #HonorableTransparency to have integrity with the #AuthenticSelf, they are invoking unconditional self-love. This invocation activates the will to understand and heal the mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds they carry. Throughout the alchemical journey to discover the authentic self, an individual cultivates proficiency in directing the experiences of one’s #PersonalNarrative. This achievement is like unfolding a quilt with many interwoven seams that can be seen and felt. It takes a long time for some sections and quick completion for others. When it is large enough and many life experiences have formed it, it can be observed objectively and wrapped around oneself with appreciation for the #multifaceted value and function it serves. To see it this way, with compassionate self-regard, is to return to the #teaching of unconditional love that creation exhibits and the #InnerChild craves. An individual can do this at any time in their life, if they seek harmony with the inner child and their relationships in the external world. You are the face of love in all its shades and you hold the #potential to heal your wounds with intention, to offer #accountability and transparency to others, in order to open healing opportunities for them and prevent inflicting further wounds.

When we become clearer about how to carry expectations for oneself, others, and relationships, as well as #cultivate #HealthyCommunication with invitations and #requests, we harness the fluidity of loving exchange. By keeping the flow of love open, one is committed to releasing #resentments, #judgments, and inaccurate #projections from our own #imprinting onto those we seek to share life with. Even when one decides it no longer feels healthy to share life with someone, the way we find resolve alone and/or together reveals the shade of love we are experiencing within our own capacity. Even in #endings, the flow of love for the exchange is most nourishing when kept open with healthy boundary. This approach to love is refined through co-creation and ripples out through our relationships to the degrees of connection that intertwine#TheFates of many others in society. Considering the shades of love experienced in an individual’s life can clarify the projections one has placed on others they identify as #FacesOfLove. It can also reveal #DeepTruths that were unseen about the love that others have offered to us that we could not receive or reciprocate at that time.

Assessing one’s capacity for returning and #sharing love with themselves and others is possibly the most important measure of an individual’s life story. The constant flow of creation is embodied within and all around us. This persistent call resonates deep in the heart and travels the seams of one’s #identity, all the way back to the #spark of one’s inner child when it was dancing in the starlight before entering the mother’s womb.

Salute the dawn of creation in your burning heart. Embrace the wounds in your knowing field and sense the roots of unconditional love to discover a path for resolve. Honor the potency in the faces of love you share life with and cherish the spark of your inner child. Reveal the shade of love that you embody, unfolding your quilt to share that warmth with others.

Excerpts from the Writings of Julie Hightman

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