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Rainbow Light Infusion Meditation

It is recommended that you consider recording meditation transcripts in a Voice Memo App and listen to them in order to achieve an empowering self-guided visualization.

"Close your eyes or soften your gaze. Inhale, deep to the core of your spine, exhaling up through the crown of your head and down into the root of your tailbone. Feel the expansion of the breath feeding each and every cell with vitality. See the light in your belly, glowing creamy orange, red, and yellow-ascending up into your heart to meet the radiant greens, deep blues, and violets. Continue inhaling and exhaling to the count of 7, exploring the dance of colors.

Let these rays of light fuse and radiate outward from the center of your heart and belly in a burst of rays embracing your vessel- protecting, attuning, and aligning the web of your heart and mind in body.

Take a moment to witness the sensations as you bask in this light bath that is you. Feeling centered in the pillar of your spine, Resound the tone of “Ohm”.

Feel free to tone the sound of “Ohm” 3-5 times as you feel called.

When you are ready, take a soothing inhale through the nose and exhale out the mouth. Let your gaze remain soft as you sense your feet firmly on the earth- stable and supported in the path forward. Your heart and mind clear and present in this time and space."

** Note: The tone of Ohm is a low guttural note achieved through calling up sound from your lower belly to the back of your throat.

Guided Meditations by Julie Hightman

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