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Honorable Transparency, Truth, and Lying

What is honorable transparency? What is truth? How do we define lying if we have not defined what truth and transparency mean?

#Truth is constructed by #relativity to circumstance and agreements with others about what is perceived. Fact is defined as #UndeniableTruth based in physical or recordable evidence. It is not uncommon for relative #perceptions of truth to be misconstrued as fact without #evidence. #HonorableTransparency requires one to reveal the differences between facts and #PerceivedTruths, out of #respect for others witnessing that #transparency maintain their own capacity to evaluate and discern the meaning, application, and effects of information shared. The act of #lying may be defined as representing the opposite of the truth or facts of a situation, modifying these facts or truths, or intentionally withholding truths and facts to manipulate the perceptions and responses of others evaluating the information given.

In the efforts of evolving #consciousness collectively, increasing one’s awareness beyond the base drives of #survival and #EmotionalReactivity is essential. The pursuit of measurable fact and #discernment of philosophical truth can offer allies for refining perceptions of self, others, and the world. Accepting there may be more than one perspective of truth enables #HealthierCommunication with self and others. The art of striving for healthy communication and outcomes that align with one’s #PersonalCode is achieved through honorable transparency. “Your bond is your word” is an old saying about building #trust and #loyalty with others but it directly affects the perception of oneself as well. To honor oneself in the highest regard one must be in alignment with their own philosophical truth, balanced by the facts of situational awareness. Even if one does not believe in truth, loyalty and honoring can still be maintained by openly sharing this belief to achieve transparency with others, so they may evaluate and better understand one’s responses to a situational construct. #Lying about one’s truth or #beliefs to self or with others creates #DivisionAndConflict internally, externally, or both, that breaks down one’s sense of value and connection with the #AuthenticSelf. The farther an individual is from #connection and loyalty to the authentic self, the more distorted their perceptions are of life, relationships, and outcomes they affect. It is not uncommon for the most disconnected individuals to be #CompulsiveLiars, #narcissists, or any other shade on the #spectrum of #sociopathic disorder.

Individuals that #SeekTruth and transparency to create strong bonds of loyalty, security, and #MutualAgreements, sense the lies, manipulation, denial, and misguided intentions of others. This skill strengthens as their attunement to transparency and evaluating the fulfillment or disconnection between thoughts, behaviors, and #intentions are refined. With the expansion of awareness, complex understandings of a multidimensional world with many co-creative factors that affect an individual’s perspective on what is true, in any moment and what is not, become more apparent. How much an individual has the power to see, evaluate, and grasp, through #acceptance of #understanding, dictates the relative truth surmised from the facts and one’s response to the facts.

If #TruthIsRelative to an individual state of awareness, is lying relative also? On the path to discovery and understanding a life circumstance, relationship, or sense of self, identity shifts form in alignment with an individual’s degree of understanding, layers of information revealed, and changes in situational perspective over time. All these factors create, modify, and deconstruct one’s #perception of a “whole truth” through the framework of #relativity. #Facts remain the same but an individual’s perception of them may change, as well as, their degree of #value and affect, which share an interdependent relationship with perception. An individual’s core sense of #belief about anything may stay the same but it has #ThePowerToChange. Acknowledging this change of perception with clear intention is not lying about one’s truth. Lying reveals itself through the intent to manipulate facts to self, or others, or attempts to hide or deny one’s representation of perceptions to self or others.

#CognitiveDissonance between facts and #PhilosophicalTruths, repetitive #behaviors, and misaligned statements perpetuate the experience of #conflict, #resistance, and #distrust with self and others. The #AuthenticSelf is very sensitive to the awareness of discernible truth, transparency, and deceit when the #SmokeAndMirrors of emotional reactivity and forced denial is removed. Every individual grapples with their own smoke and mirror effect that leads to personal cognitive dissonance because of their own experiential encoding and attachment to working beliefs that are beneficial or detrimental to achieving a fulfilling exchange with self, others, and endeavors in life. Working beliefs are an essential part of how an individual learns and expands their awareness, enabling a higher capacity for directing their will for #CreativeSolutions and #EmpoweringOutcomes. Honorable transparency and #CompassionateCommunication build the foundations of trust and loyalty with self and others continually throughout life. Those that are unable to harness these skills will perpetuate long term and repetitive conflict, distrust, #BrokenLoyalties, and divergence from stronger connections that have the power to nourish and support the tangible experiences of #harmony and #unity in one’s personal narrative. #ChoosingIntegrity, #curiosity, and compassionate #transparency of self and others fortifies an individual’s skill for #discernment beyond judgment, clarity with projections, and a #BalanceOfExpectations in every circumstance within self or others. Taking the time to #StepBack and witness self, others, and the dynamic of situations is key to evaluate and apply all these factors for #BuildingTrust through honorable transparency in the #SearchForTruth.

Open your keen Eye to the relativity of perspective. Discern the veils that shroud truth in any moment, sensing magnetic alignment with the compass of the authentic self. Let honorable transparency illuminate the path to healthy, enduring relationships that transcend cognitive dissonance and empower sustainable trust and respect.

Excerpts from the Writings of Julie Hightman

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