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Harnessing the Senses

Being in body bestows upon us the #WorldOfTheSenses. The innate #5Senses to the human body and the #6thSense of intuition create a profound system of language to analyze, act upon, effect the intensity of, and collect experiences with, as #memory. Sensory #awareness can be #pleasurable, #painful, confounding, and indistinguishable depending on the experience and an individual’s attunement to the language of #BodilySenses. Evolutionary #biology associates the initial sense of pain recognition as the rudimentary sense related to #survival. If focused upon, this sense becomes #belief which governs impulse and #imprinting to dominate one’s #perceptions in their body and in the world. Since then, #EpigeneticScience has revealed that the mind and body also have the power to #focus on pleasure and neutrality as a way to orient base drives and perceptions that govern the experience of #SensoryMemory and the #JourneyOfLife. Learning to harness the 6 senses for healing is a profound path that enables transformative regeneration by resetting inherent reflexes, #impulses, and draining thoughts or emotions that lead to loss of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

In every moment, in body, awareness is happening. When the mind isn’t paying attention, the body is still receiving, processing, and storing sensory awareness. The body also listens to the mind and compensates in #FormAndBreath to thoughts and emotional cognizance. The power of enjoyable or stressful thoughts cause changes in breathing, blood pressure, and oxygenation. The way one feels open to connect with others in a safe healthy way or the contraction and internalization of #defensiveness changes the posture of the spine and the tone of muscles in the limbs ready to relax or protect the core. Behavioral cues change from momentary to habitual when underlying imprints of experiences dictate an individual’s orientation to self, connection with others, and their environment regardless of admission to self or others about those inherent thoughts and feelings. These subconscious cues may greatly shift the outcome of one’s #desires and endeavors as fulfilled or unfulfilled. Once #introspection and active #effort are put forth to accept, heal, and re-embody one’s orientation to self and the world, profound shifts in an individual’s narrative of life can occur. In the same way, major injuries, crises, loss, and periods of survival mode can change one’s experiential beingness and sense of life, #BodyworkTherapies, #HolisticCounseling, spiritual practices, and #HealthyLifestyle routines, also have great power to change and restore functionality and freedom in one’s experience of life in body. The key is the sensory self. Awakening the acuity of each sense and modulating the potential capacity to be affected by each sense must be a committed journey if one seeks the #MasteryOfEmbodiment.

The path of the senses may be very intense for some at varying phases of #cultivation, #healing, and #integrating tools for magnifying or subduing the senses at will. By opening to the teaching of one’s senses, the #AnimalSelf is brought into conversation and partnership with the cerebral dominance most scientists distinguish as primary to #BeingHuman. The concept exists that a spiritual form roots itself in a body with #PrimalInstincts creating the possibility of the animal and human self and is worth considering. If function equals form in a path of #evolution, the greater capacity for function in receiving and utilizing sensory awareness confirms the current hierarchy of dominant species and the path forward to augmenting form through expanding the function of the senses. The more we numb, ignore, and deplete our senses the less functional we are in mind, heart, and body. Senses, thoughts, and emotions are meant to be tools that inform one’s strategies for living. When these tools are unrefined and imbalanced in their #power to affect the way one forms imprints and makes #choices, voluntarily and involuntarily, the outcomes in experience will occur with the redundance of disappointment or short-term fulfillment.

The #clarity and potency of true #FreeWill cannot be achieved when an individual lives only from the mind or only from emotions. To live only from spirit is to discount the sensory gift of being in body. Living only from the 5 physical senses disregards the integration of understanding and actively choosing beyond impulse how to respond to the world. The essence of life is captivating because of one’s ability to #listen to their senses. #Intuition is the 6th sense of embodiment. With intuition, one trusts a center of knowing. This center of knowing is found at the bridge between the spirit and the senses of the physical body. Conscious analytical thought is not required to hear this sense of #wisdom. Analytical thought is how we structure the input and sensory imprints we receive. The mind is a weigh station that estimates the load of information and regulates the intensity and frequency of preponderance on that input. Intention in the mind directs further attention in the mind, heart, and body.

#Redefining one’s relationship to #embodiment through regular #attention to the senses from a state of mental curiosity and emotional exploration engages the embrace of vitality and enables deeper #acknowledgment of how this information serves us in what we seek to create in the experience of humanness. Choosing #neutrality and observation after pain arises to move #BeyondSuffering to the focus of healing and allowing relief and #pleasure to be restored is a powerful tool cultivated by harnessing the senses. This practice enables the discovery and #refinement of our most #AuthenticSelf. Let your senses engage a deeper understanding of #WisdomWithin you. Refine the #TrustInYourself and the gifts of embodiment to experience life in a state of #curiosity and receptivity that empowers rejuvenation. #ActivateTheIntention to embrace an evolution of #FormInFunction and restore the wealth of the body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Excerpts from the Writings of Julie Hightman

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